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Ricochet Wireless is back

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 Ricochet Wireless is back2001-11-05 16:18
by Flemming Funch

YES! My wireless computer connectivity is coming back. I had been a subscriber to Ricochet, which went bankrupt a few months ago, and which had a very reliable, wireless 128kbps service within the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. Meaning I could be online in airports, on the freeway, or whatever. And when it disappeared there were no comparable alternatives left. Now the $1 billion assets of the Ricochet network have been bought by Aerie Networks for 8 million and it looks like they'll turn the thing on again shortly, and at a lower price. And it sounds like the new people will know how to market it. Ricochet was a well-kept secret in the hands of the old company, Metricom, which apparently had no clue on how to let people know it existed.

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