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 Complicity2004-10-16 11:36
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I like to make complicated things simple.

And simple things complex.

The world we live in is mostly upside down and inside out. Simple things are made terribly complicated. And things that are very complex are made very simple. Falsely.

You'll often find the amazing infinite complexity of the universal organism reduced to a few simple platitudes. Religions are very good and degrading into that. Here you go, all you need to know about life is to follow these 10 rules.

And it becomes terribly complicated to just exist. You have to keep track of loads of abstract and self-contradictory disjointed information. Most people don't get around to the simplicity of just being present.

It is really quite simple. Or complex, if you will. We screw it up by abstracting. Abstracting in the sense of forming abstract notions about reality, and then getting lost in the abstractions.

Lying in the grass, looking at the clouds drift by, feeling a light breeze, listening to the rustling of leaves - that might be complete and whole in itself. The simple enjoyment of life. As might be the satisfaction of figuring out the periodic table of elements. But when you try to pack it up and take it with you, trouble easily starts. You might accidentally assume that your experience is THE experience, and you might persuade others to adopt a symbolic version of your experience, rather than having their own real experience. And since that initially seems to work, we easily get further and further away from the real world, which is both complex and simple. And we end up in shadow worlds of the mind that are simple and complex in the wrong places.

But sometimes we wake up and feel the breeze. And sometimes the condensed learnings of others help us do so, or help improve our lives. So we easily forget that most of the time we're wallowing in misplaced abstractions.

We all share the fault, of course. We seem to think we're something that we really aren't, thinking we're capable of something we really aren't. And we're not noticing that we really are something much grander.

We can walk through the mirror any time, of course. Turning ourselves rightside in and out.

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16 Oct 2004 @ 22:05 by istvan : A+ Ming.
Sorry i forgot to wish you Happy Birthday.  

19 Oct 2004 @ 15:46 by Seb @ : Joyeux anniversaire!
or, "Bonne fête" as we say in Quebec.  

19 Oct 2004 @ 16:03 by Seb @ : Gell-Mann
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19 Oct 2004 @ 16:36 by ming : Plectics
Ah, very cool. Thanks.  

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