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 Fundable2005-06-21 18:18
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Seb mentions Fundable. Seems like a great way to raise funds for a particular purpose. Essentially it works like this:

Recently completed transactions are stuff along the lines of buying a computer for some open source or charitable project, manufacturing t-shirts for some sports club, buying storage for some guy who's moving out, sending a kid to camp, etc.

Quite remarkable that this kind of thing works. It is of course in part because many people like to do good things. And it is also because the site makes the proposition clear and easy and safe. And because many people like completing numbers. So, if there's a site showing that we have 8 our of 10 needed contributors, one kind of gets more motivated to complete the target.

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21 Jun 2005 @ 18:48 by astrid : Dear Ming,
do you have more Info on the Workings of this Idea? (at this point I don't understand at all the "How to's" of this!...????.... ) or is there a link, where we can find out more about it all? The Seb link and Fundable link, I did not quite grasp how this method would benefit all the people, who chipped in, only the one who got chipped to, so to speak!...
I always like Collective -as in small comunities working together for the Common, as well as Indivivual- 'Highest Good' Things! ...
: )  

21 Jun 2005 @ 19:33 by ming : Fundable
Well, it doesn't really directly benefit those who give, other than by giving them the joy of contributing, and maybe having their name listed. They simply fund something they would like to have happen, without directly buying anything in return.  

21 Jun 2005 @ 19:54 by vaxen : Well...
'profit' comes in many forms. One of the main problems with the world today is: http://www.imf.org/ Seb should go make shoes and forget about 'complex' dynamics, other than Scientological ones, of course...

Oh yeah, and by 'Dollar' he means? You do know that one 'real American Dollar' costs between 7.50 and ten Federal Reserve Notes, eh? So think about all of those poor schmucks working a so called 'minimum wage of $7.00 per hour! Ha!

Or by Dollar does he mean the original 'Dollar?' Know what that was?

Eco Eco Nomia,
Eco Eco Azarak!  

23 Jun 2005 @ 04:44 by John Abbe @ : Similar/related services
Pledge Bank http://www.pledgebank.com/ offers a similar service. They don't have the money piece, it's more focused on collective action of all kinds. And then there's Simultaneous Policy http://www.simpol.org/ which is the same kind of thing but for nations rather than individuals.  

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