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This is a 16 page pamphlet, intended to be stuffed into every postage-paid business-reply envelope that you run into in your junk mail, as a message to the drones who work in the BigCompany it came from. No words in it. But clearly it suggests that you break out of the slavery of your little corporate job, and after you've vented a little bit, turning over the desks, pushing the copy machine out the window, emptying the fire extinguishers over the file cabinets, etc, you get comfortable, take off your stuffy business clothes, and form a hippie commune. Plant something useful in the bathroom urinals, hunt wild animals for food, get the women pregnant, and enjoy life in the old-fashioned way.

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8 Aug 2006 @ 16:13 by otsotso @ : ginibang bukid
may nagsama sa akin pinatingnan ang lugar sa nakita ko yungib nga ngunit pinasabog ang bondok so kung tingnan mo para lang bundok na nag land slide pero hinokay ng mga nakakita raw nong una sa mga sabisabi, pero nang pumasok ako sa masikip na hinukay may mga stalaktites pero sa nahukay lang, sabi ko sa sarili imposibling ma hukay man kung meron ang layo at kailangan nang heavy equipment imposibli rin madaanan meron man yon o wala parang inilibing nalang yun, if ever there is interested this place, let ask and i tell you the place ikaw kung parame kang pohonan its up to you  

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