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Barcelona Street Art

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 Barcelona Street Art2006-12-05 16:06
by Flemming Funch

Barcelona Street Art. Most places consider graffiti a form of vandalism, but in Barcelona, street art is embraced. The result is a city with public walls like giant canvases of modern art.

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8 Dec 2006 @ 12:26 by Lionel @ : Graffiti

One can identify Toulousan artist Miss Van's character, on the wall  

8 Dec 2006 @ 18:30 by ming : Miss Van
Ah, the lady with the pink mask, you're right.  

30 May 2007 @ 13:27 by ud @ : identify

by me in the picture there is
Buffmonster - 'Nippleheaded tongue is out creature' US
Flying Fortress - Dog with red star on the hat D
Pez - the blue fish ES
The London Police - White smiling guy with 3 on his body N
The lovely Miss Van with her hottie F
Circle of Ovejas Negras - Keith Haring ES
Mysterious Al - white character in the square UK
Space Invader - pixelled mushroom F  

15 Jun 2008 @ 17:46 by cinthia @ : hola
esta demaciado lindoo
adoro el street art  

21 Apr 2009 @ 13:02 by Carina @ : Where to find street art in Barcelona

I´am going to Barcelona with some young kids, whom all love street art. To plan the greatest trip for them I need to find the best spot to see some to of the art Street art.

Do anyone have any adresses?

Thanks :)  

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