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 Bioneers Conference2001-10-24 04:38
pictureby Flemming Funch

This past weekend I was at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael. Quite a remarkable event. Around 3000 attendees and many great speakers. A stimulating mix of inspiration, activism and ecological solutions. People I particularly enjoyed: Lynn Margulis (co-creator of the Gaia hypothesis) talking about the wild lives of bacteria; Hunter and Amory Lovins (co-authors of "Natural Capitalism") on rethinking business; Janine Benyus (author of "Biomimicry") on how to get our next technological breakthroughs from the superior technologies of nature; Caroline Casey (mythological astrologer and radio host) on Visionary Activism; John and Nancy Todd on creating ecological industrial parks and eco-enterprises. And many more.

See a full list of presenters, with pictures and links here

or a text-only list here

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27 Oct 2001 @ 02:34 by kay : Looks like I can spend some time here.
Thanks for being such a pace setter. I run out of steam trying to keep up. :-)  

27 Oct 2001 @ 03:00 by kay : Man alive
That is one impresive presenters list. Some I have had connection with. There are hours of reading and research in this material. Whew! Hope I can keep up.  

27 Oct 2001 @ 22:59 by ming : Bioneers
Yeah, its amazing what these guys are accomplishing. I have quite a backlog of books and websites to go through myself. I'm reading "Natural Capitalism" for one thing.  

28 Oct 2001 @ 01:45 by kay : Love coming here
Spent hours here yesterday. Get booted off line and have to boot back up. My sleep pattern is inside out right now. So I come here. Thaks for all the special quiet spaces like a library for instance. This is sort of like a library. Such a variety of information.  

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