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 Dialogue2002-01-14 02:10
pictureby Flemming Funch

I always come back to *dialogue* as a central ingredient in creating a new civilization. That is, a space of mutual exploration where we can talk about what we're experiencing, without any need to judge each other. I particularly support dialogue as David Bohm described it. Several people have compiled excellent resources on dialogue. See Tony Judge's page at UIA and Heiner Benking's Open Forum page. And the people who introduced me to dialogue: Linda and Glenna at The Dialogue Group. Also, check out Deep Dialogue.

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14 Jan 2002 @ 13:11 by sharie : no leader, no agreed project, no topic
Ming, everytime you post something about getting to the heart of our communication, I get a gut feeling it's something truly meaningful... but it feels so elusive.

I try to understand what you mean, but I feel I'm not getting it.

"no leader, no agreed project, no set topics for discussion"

I have the feeling this will get us where we want to go. I want to do this.

The quality of the outcome will be a reflection the objectives of the participants.

I'd like to do this, but I'd like participants with a genuine commitment to our *being*.

with love,

15 Jan 2002 @ 02:09 by ming : Committed participants
The question is how to invite people to be in that space. How to teach it, how to show it is there. And the question is how to maintain such a space, how to keep it safe. It is a bit of a paradox, of how one can administer a space that has no clear rules, and how one can get something done in the absence of an agenda set in advance. It takes a commitment from the participants, but it is a different kind of commitment, to something that is a little bit beyond our ability to express it well in words. Somehow we need to get ourselves out of the way, and allow ourselves to stay in a space of collective unfolding, even if it makes us slightly uncomfortable, because we don't quite know what that is. None of us really know how it will unfold, but I think we can learn to recognize the sense of whether we're connecting with it or not.  

15 Jan 2002 @ 12:41 by sharie : To answer your questions...
Hello Ming, I'm going to answer you privately. I encourage everyone interested in this to reply to your questions in whatever way they deem appropriate.  

18 Jan 2002 @ 23:12 by maxtobin : dialogue/process
Blessed Ming:
Getting real warm I feel folks. The process of creating sacred space is beyond our consciousness yet therein is the way. We must consciously embrace a process of collective merging into knowing on a grand scale. I feel we are getting close. Within our (local movement in Auckland NZ) GEFREE coalition we are working with an interesting process of consensous decision making. No majority rule cop out, it is difficult, unsettling and frustrating, but above all there is an exciting aspect to it and a sense among some of us that the real work is the process not the goal or the small victories on the way (be they results or intense learning and inner growth). The achievement of a new civilization will require an entire new way of being together, it will be the sum of all our contributions and then something more, as more and more of us remember our divine aspect and let go in trust that we are worthy of this joy and bliss. Together we can do it!! I know not the way, but I trust we will find it. Go on with the brave and loving heart, ask spirit to grant us grace on a daily basis. (forgive me I must think out loud) Bless you all thanks for the inspiring and sacred space you share with us so openly!!  

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