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The Myth of Public Information

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 The Myth of Public Information2002-01-17 19:43
pictureby Flemming Funch

There is a widespread myth underlying most media information, most analysis of the activities of governments and corporations, and most scientific debunking of anything unusual going on in the world. That is that most things are known by the public, and if anything unusual would be going on, we'd know about it. In other words, there are no conspiracies, no big things going on in secret, nothing much happening that isn't described in the official school textbooks and in the newspaper. The myth reasons that if any large number of people are expected to keep a secret, there will always be somebody who spills the beans. The problem is that this isn't true at all.

Even worse, the myth is often being used in a self-referential way, so that even if somebody does spill the beans about a big secret, since the public wasn't already informed about the matter, it obviously is just a fluke and obviously not true.

Now, contrary to the existence of that myth, which is never openly presented, there are lots of things that are being kept secret by large numbers of people for extended periods of time. Non-Disclosure Agreements and threats and general unbelievability can be remarkably powerful.

Apple just released a new iMac computer. Now, there are dozens of websites and dozens of magazines and hundreds of industry analysts and journalists who have gone to great lengths for an extended period of time to find out what it would be like. And yet, all that was available publically on the Internet or in any trade magazine was some vague and mostly incorrect guesses. Thousands of people have been involved in the design and manufacturing of this thing, and none of them talked. Only exception was that Time magazine made a blunder and published it on their website a few hours too early. But even the prior printing of millions of copies of Time with the computer on the cover hadn't become known publically.

The huge U.S. energy company Enron just went into bankruptcy as a complete surprise to the public information space. They had apparently bribed half of the U.S. Congress to give them special treatment with sizable campaign contributions, and they had persuaded a normally very respectable audit company to falsify their accounting. So, nobody knew, despite it being a publically traded company with open books.

The September 11 investigation and public information is chuck-full of holes and alarming information and leads that were never followed up on in the public eye. We never heard again about the people who profited from the thing on the stock market, we didn't get any explanation to why the building with the CIA headquarters collapsed before the towers, we didn't understand why the multiple demolition experts who insisted the towers were brought down by explosives in a controlled demolition suddenly changed their minds, we heard almost nothing about the many signs of prior knowledge of the event, etc. The apparent investigation produced lots of news in the first week after the incident, and then it all died down to nothing. And the public believes that it is because we found the culprits and went off to hunt them down?

The U.S. military-industrial complex is the most amazingly effective in keeping information out of the public eye. Pretty much nothing comes into the public knowledge that wasn't intended to be there, except for what is released 30 years after the fact, and still then, most of the pieces are missing. They can remain quite calm even if pieces of the secrets are hinted at on public television, because it is usually so outlandish that people mostly take it as just entertainment, and it is probably even then so far short of the mark that the real secrets remain quite safe. It is thoroughly well documented by now that there are groups that had workable extra-terrestrial technology already 50 years ago, and it still something that is very controversial for the public opinion to believe in. And just imagine what has been developed from that in the 50 years in-between that you haven't at all heard about on late night UFO shows.

It is a powerful myth, however. The widespread blind belief in the general public availability of any important data is very strong. So strong that any hint to the contrary is easily ridiculed or debunked or ignored. Disbelievers in the truth of the official public picture are easily presented as naive, gullible, overly imaginative, uneducated suckers, who's views just don't stand the light of day.

And nobody quite notices that the light of the day comes from a movie projector, and since everybody's staring at the movie, nobody's seeing what goes on in the projection booth, and they wouldn't believe it anyway, because it isn't in Technicolor.

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18 Jan 2002 @ 11:59 by sharie : Historical or Histerical?
Great article, Ming. Now what do we do about it?

with love,

18 Jan 2002 @ 12:02 by istvan : Upset? Who. Me?
Dear Ming. i think you are getting too upset with those bastsrds. Please calm down.We can join the people who are working for full disclosure laws. I wish i had that website.  

18 Jan 2002 @ 12:26 by ming : I'm all calm
Did I sound upset? Me? Well, I guess I'm most fired up to write if I'm a little annoyed by something. Anyway, yes, of course, the point is what we can do. And, indeed, I believe this can all change. I think we can develop a different kind of information culture, where we either learn to check our information directly, where we have more direct ways of knowing things, or we learn to keep track up who we can trust.  

18 Jan 2002 @ 17:56 by bushman : Web cam in the head?
See, like I said, put a web cam on everyones forehead, then we will see the truth. Did I just type that? Yikes, Im going to stay an over- imaginative sucker, lol. Hey look we would have instant replay, then we could share it and decide what it was that person saw, we would know what every poliytision is doing, ok enough, we must be carefull what we wish for. :}  

18 Jan 2002 @ 19:33 by istvan : Hard to knw
This article may be a bit too long, but worth reading.

[ http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0118-08.htm ]  

18 Jan 2002 @ 20:02 by ming : Broadcast everything
Hey, if *everybody* had a webcam on their forehead, I'd be all for it. As long as it isn't just me. Or, even better, if we suddenly all developed reliable clairvoyance, telephathy and remote viewing abilities, so we would always know what the truth is, and we would always know what is going on. That would solve most problems in the world. No point putting energy into pretending you're something you aren't, if everybody else clearly sees the truth.  

19 Jan 2002 @ 12:09 by sharie : "There are no private thoughts."
I think we're all born with telepathy and remote viewing... it's just a matter of wanting to use it. The more walls you put up, the more secrecy you harbor, the more you limit your natural power to know. All my life I've wondered why people needed "privacy". I never understood that. The more we all let down our walls, the more we can all see the truth... the truth that is us.

Thank you for this great topic, and thank you all for your comments.

We're all born with webcams... their organic and spiritual.

with love,

20 Jan 2002 @ 02:56 by kay : Who accepts
remote viewing and telepathy as real. So often it is just kissed off. The facts and just the facts madam. Telepathy and remote view are still considered flakey even though for the last 50 years or so the government (Military) has spent a lot of money traing people with these talents. I posted a link to a free read, 'Above Black', on my newslog that deals with this very topic of mental telepath and remote viewing. Dr. Courtney Brown for several years worked with the government in this very realm.  

20 Jan 2002 @ 04:01 by ming : Remote Viewing and Telepathy
The problem is that these things haven't really been developed to the point where they're consistently reliable. At least not as far as I know. Scientific Remote Viewing has looked really promising, getting around the fanciful embellishments our minds easily add on to things. But then again, it doesn't seem like it has succeeded all that well, failing most serious tests that have been set up, etc. Courney Brown's institute was very courageous in submitting publically to weekly tests for a while, but unfortunately most of them gave the wrong results. I have no doubt that we have these innate abilities. We just need to get to a point where it consistently is better than good guesses, and where there's just no escape from the reliablity of such perceptions. When that happens, I think there will be a quantum shift in our collective mind. The moment there is a reliable measure of truth which cuts through any kind of propaganda, and which isn't dependent on full access to physical evidence, and which works across time and space - that changes everything.  

20 Jan 2002 @ 04:37 by maxtobin : Remember when
Wonderful, remember when we had these skills, remember why we forgot them? With unconditional love (such an ellusive and difficult little concept/space)there is no need for any of these talents. However, We will rediscover these talents that currently sit dormant within our being, perhaps firstly through such communities as this, then we will grow into light love trust and abundance, and leave those talents behind as unneccessary. I believe we only need telepathy and remote viewing to get us beyond the current egocentric disease space where no one trusts the other to have a realistic agenda and to 'do unto others as they would be done unto'. Once the paradox is resolved and we embrace the 'one that is all and many' we will find that through love all flows and is perfected, we will 'see' the depth and the essense in the surface of the moments energy -motion (e motion). First we must conqure the fear within, let go and trust the process of spirit unfolding. There is a big world picture, of one and of many within the one. The USA has a role to play in remembering what they can be and forgeting what will destroy us all. Domination and Dominion have the same root, there must be a massive attitude shift, it will require awakened souls. I see/feel us doing the work, bless you for that.  

22 Jan 2002 @ 02:44 by finny : Secrets,lies and cover ups!
Good article, I shall pass it on!  

5 Jun 2006 @ 08:34 by Manan @ : Impressive work !
Hey hi!.. Well i just stumbled upon this page while researching on some other topics through google . I live in india and people here are so involved in their daily life or so called important issues that they never even feel the need to know anything . They wont even consider anything as an option because what they believe is just backboned with one answer '' i know so because thats how its said to be'' . Being a sensitive observer , I feel a hunger for knowing more of whats truely happening around me in my world . I am 16 years old and i really hope i can join you guys in this search for more knowledge , i really want to but i see nobody in my city interested .
anyway impressive piece of literature...  

28 Apr 2016 @ 22:22 by Denim @ : ZDHluXGWZDFMxzfjT
mnie nieco już zaskoczyÅ‚ – chianti byÅ‚o naprawdÄ™ ciekawe. Ale wczeÅ›niej piÅ‚em litrowego rieslinga i byÅ‚ bardzo fajny ale bez unsi3ieÅ„Re0; Teraz  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:58 by Jalene @ : HkgqEvUWTcU
Arnaque!!! Le beaufort ne se vend pas au dela de 24 mois d&;#&17;affinage.C2#82178est déjà très dur d’en trouver du aussi vieux,qui plus est d’alpage J’ai appelé le gaec en question ils n’en vendent pas!!! Plus vieux que deux ans c’est du beaufort pourri!!  

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