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pictureby Flemming Funch

Below is a message from Soleira Green of SOULutions. Which sort of strangely resonates with me. Not as a general new age philosophical thing. But as a reading on where we're at right now. And it reminds me of the wonderful surf reports from Solara, who's a different person, despite the similar name. Its good with people around who have their fingers on the energetic puluse.

More of me, you, us and the universes...
January 27th, 2002

There is so much that I want to write about, to tell you, that I hardly know where to start. To keep it succinct (if that's even possible for me), how about if I try it in point form:

* We are now living in an omni-dimensional reality and the movement from one level of reality to another is a simple matter of choice and belief. In the course of a single minute, you can move through all these levels as tangible, living realities of life. But more importantly the split between the old 3D world and the new, living, breathing realities of profound existence are becoming more and more apparent by the day as the NEW becomes the living reality of choice. Believe me when I say that we have made it! We will not be destroying our world in acts of uncontrollable chaos. Instead we are already creating worlds of magnificence, right here and now, that will attest forever to the majestic force of human consciousness. It has already happened. You have only to choose within which reality of life you choose to place your energy.

* We have moved from a yearning for oneness to a living reality of connectedness with others all around the world in a new collective consciousness that celebrates uniqueness and individual contribution. You could call it the new world soul, but just for fun I call it uni'quonsciousness.

* Many people in the past two to three months have been surrendering themselves to living as and for the profound. The profound is now alive and well and living in your home town. Profound potential abounds, even in the most unlikely of places, people and companies.

* We've been exploring the depths of profound relationship to one another, not as small human to small human, but as mega-creator to mega-creator. With that, the essence of love itself seems to have evolved to plumb new depths of honour and respect. Relationships are occurring in more gracious flow and partnerships are beginning to be founded upon our relationship to the profound you, me, and us. It's becoming as equally ok to stay together as it is to complete beautifully and move on...and shouldn't it simply have always been that way?

* There is a new energy of passionate power fountaining through individuals and organisations. This energy will create a change of such phenomenal magnitude that within just a few short months you will not recognise our world at large, and especially the world of business. The energy has a radiance that is indescribable and a vitality that is palpable to the senses. You literally come alive as you touch it and partner with it.

* And last, but not least, we have begun the study of a new science. I call that science MegaEnergetics. It is the ability for human beings to live, work, play and breathe beyond their own personal energy fields...collaborating with the profound to create mega-fields and mega-beingness upon the face of the Earth. A mega-being is NOT someone who considers themselves as better than anyone else. A mega-being is someone who recognises the MEGA in everyone and everything and who calls it forth from them/it with every passionate breath that they breathe. A mega-being sees who you truly are and, no matter how you choose to view yourself, will never let go of the true view of you.

Now I know there may be lots of naysayers who will say "Is this woman for real? Has she got her head on backwards and her eyes closed to the REAL world?" To those who might say that I would say, you have only to open your heart and soul to the new to be entranced by its wonder, to be engaged with its vitality and passion, to be soaring with its profound potential. I know what is going on...it's a great trauma/drama of our age...and I'm choosing to buy a seat at another movie thanks. When the new movie theatre fills up, that other play will simply close up due to lack of customers. And by the way, if you can bear a bit of violence in a great movie, go to see Lord of the Rings. Perhaps Frodo is alive and well within you even as I type. He sure is within me and all those that I love. We will carry the rings of new passionate power and be unafraid to face the darkest of the dark, eye to eye saying "I see who you really are and this facade of darkness cannot fade your light from my sight." Now I'm not talking about being naive and innocent in the face of evil-doing. I'm talking about being a mega-being, standing in true wisdom, understanding the true nature of the universes, thanking every player for their part in the play...then moving on to play the role of the new creators, the new sourcers of new worlds. Now there's a life that stirs my soul.

We are in the midst of the greatest game of the greatest universes. There is no greater time to be alive than this one. All that you have ever dreamed of, in every lifetime, in all the cosmoses, is yours now to fulfil in this space of new creation. Will you choose to live in someone else's old dream...or will you step easily and gracefully through the doorway to new reality creation? I will look for you in the halls of the new and I will celebrate and honour you for all that you have done and will do in this lifetime for us all. Whether you know it or not, you have already done it. We have already succeeded. The very Earth itself is already alive with the very fibre of new life. Me, you, us and the universes...megaly alive on planet Earth 2002.

For the profound.... Soleira

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12 Feb 2002 @ 05:00 by jstarrs : Evolution
I'm thinking that the collective evolves as an entity as does the individual. Imagine those years ago, how the collective sat in caves, individuals grouped together as one tribal mind and now, the evolution has taken us into a more individualistic stance whilst becoming more collective on a communicatins level. Apologies for lack of clarity, but it's my birthday and the cafĂ© where we eat passed round the bottle and a couple of friends called by with a cake and another bottle and, lord, here at work, the music's playing and I feel good. I don't know if it's evolution but it feels good. Thanks to all you crazy people.  

12 Feb 2002 @ 05:03 by istvan : Wow....
++++ and more++++++++++++++++++
We may not realize, these are the poems we always wanted to write, but could not quite get the rhimes to rhime. These are The songs we alvays wanted to sing, but could not quite get the melody to match the words. They are the words that we we have been searching for in the thousand books of the library. Wisdom that we do not have to claim as our own, yet we know they have always been within. Now they come from everywhere as digitized gifts of of our common souls.A warning: THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME. BE READY.  

14 Feb 2002 @ 13:12 by maxtobin : resonating
I can only say YES, and then again YES!!! Zendancer sees it, ming sees it (thanks for the space and the input) and 'Happy birthday to you Jeff' he sees it even while embracing Baccus (I can relate to thateven when its not your birthday). Bless you all, lets embrace the new together and carry on dancing into the glory.  

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