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 Dimensions2002-05-11 02:53
pictureby Flemming Funch

A subject that continuously fascinates me is that of higher dimensions. I'm not primarily thinking about the meta-physical idea of dimensions, but rather the matematical. I believe that a lot of our problems would be easily solved if we learned to think and operate in more than our customary 3 or so dimensions.

We can most easily understand that by studying dimensions of a lower number than 3. If you look at something in 2 dimensions, it is all flat, like a piece of paper. And you can see everything on the paper at the same time.

Likewise, a 4th dimensional being would quite naturally be able to see everything in a 3 dimensional scene at the same time, including what is at any point inside your body, or inside closed rooms, or inside solid objects.

That only seems strange or impossible when seen from the lower dimension. Like, a 2 dimensional "flatlander", living in the plane of a piece of paper, would consider it inexplicable magic that you can see inside geometric figures, as he certainly can't.

The most famous account of these things is historically the book "Flatland", which is from the 19th century.

Since, matematically, the higher dimensions are functioning in pretty much the same way as the lower dimensions, we can predict things about them by studying lower dimensions. And we can look for similar phenomena in higher dimensions as we find in lower. Maybe develop some instincts for how things work in the higher dimensions that we can't directly see.

I think that part of what might be "wrong" with the world at this point is that it is evolving into more dimensions, and we haven't evolved with it yet. So we're trying to solve 4th or 5th dimensional problems with 2 or 3 dimensional thinking.

Specifically, ideas that seem to collide in 2 or 3 dimensions do not have to collide if we add more dimensions.

I seems to remember that some of the more recent scientific theories about the universe require that there is at least 9 dimensions in order to explain phenomena that we can observe. So it is not like higher dimension is some sci-fi idea. Rather it is that we're a big narrow-minded in insisting that the world is all flat, or just 3 dimensional.

See many resoruces about higher dimensions at Ms.Guidance to Xtra Dimensions

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12 May 2002 @ 11:16 by istvan : Flatland
The book was my companion for a long time surfing surfing coffehouses many years ago. It has given me much understanding of why we simly can not figure out paradoxes and mysteries. You are right the reason we cant understand certain phenomena, because of the limitations of the three dimensional understanding we are born into.
Examle: a piece of pipe vertically penetrating a two dimensional (flatlander) entitie world will alvays look to him as a dark circe sometimes lighter according to the amount of light coming intu the pipe. He could not possobly know that the circle is just a snall portion of the pipe, that portion theat interct with his two dimensional consciousness(senses). How could he even guess that the cirle is changing from dark to light because the amount of light it rransmits from another dimension.
Sometimes i viev our limited consciousness the same way. Sometimes the world looks bright, other tomes it seems clouded.
Our inspirations come from other dimensions , those we are not yet able to percive.
There is hope though. One zen master said eventually all paradoxes will be reconciled, as it is also stated in the hermetic teaching in the book KIBALION.
Strangely i belive all that.  

12 May 2002 @ 15:24 by ming : Reconciled Paradoxes
And maybe I believe it too. Kybalion is standing on my book shelf too, anyway.

I think it is entirely possible that it might happen in a relatively mechanical or biological way, and not just a mystical way. Maybe our brains will evolve and suddenly we can experience multiple dimensions without any trouble, and suddenly what looked like paradoxes no longer is.  

13 May 2002 @ 13:59 by magical_melody : Very Good, Ergodicity! Thanks Ming!
I am experiencing and witnessing that we are indeed opening in awareness and developing new evolutionary capacities to not only navigate consciously through the variety of dimensions with their subsequent qualities and characteristics, but that we are also shifting in our energetic Being to embody specific qualities that will in fact assist us in interacting consciously within these dimensions. Yes, solutions to solve as yet awaiting more upper dimensional qualities or skills to pull in or down into form or expression perhaps. I love the vision of us working together Erogodicity in the ways you described. Also I feel that as we open to receiving more directly the information, and come to allow it to change us at every level, we will in fact become so informed all the way down to the physical - as in formed/embodying more of our inherent Multidimensional Selves. In Harmony, Alana  

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