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 Brain Waves2002-05-31 19:40
picture by Flemming Funch

A friend of mine, Ron Fitch, who's trained in such things, did a brain mapping test on me today. That is where you test, with EEG equipment connected to a computer, the ratios of different types of brainwaves in different parts of the brain. The functioning of the brain is something that currently interests me, so I thought that would be fun and educational. Which it was.

This particular way of testing is to measure the degree of awakeness/activity versus asleepness in different strategic places. Beta waves divided by theta waves. In principle if you're alert and present and able to deal with what is going on around you, you're primarily in the beta state. You're alert and/or working. If you're in a drowsy or dreamy state, you're primarily in the theta state. Beta waves are fast, theta waves are slow. In between beta and theta are alpha waves, where you're relaxed and meditative. And then there are delta waves, which are slower than theta. They'd be associated with deep dreamless sleep.

The tests are being done first in a relaxed state where one is just sitting there. That's the numbers on the left. And then in a stressed state, where one is figuring out something complicated or reliving some emotional trauma. That's the number on the right.

These kind of tests are useful, for one thing, to diagnose somebody with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), as it has apparently been found that some people with that kind of ADD will go more asleep when confronted with tasks to do, rather than becoming more alert, which is why they need distractions, to keep themselves awake.

On the picture it is the head seen from above, with the nose pointed to the top.

Briefly, the way I understood the results ...

The bottom 3 sets of numbers, P3, P4 and PZ relate to the processing of perceptions, and they apparently show that I have excellent perceptual acuity. I.e. noticing what is going on around me. I think the norm or baseline is 1.25.

The top (front) 3 sets of numbers, FP1, FPZ and FP2, are about experiencing emotions and other conscious thinking, I believe. F3, FZ and F4 are about the deeper processing of them.

C4 shows a good ability to visualize things spatially, but T4 shows a weakness in practically working with that, such as in working out the design of something on a piece of paper. C3 and T3 shows good logical ability, inside and out.

Otherwise, what I'm told that it shows is that the two sides (left brain: logical, specific; right brain: intuitive, wholistic) are well balanced. I.e. they're fairly equally active. But the weaker points are in the integration between the two, which are the numbers in the middle. I.e. I might be good at being logical and precise, and I might be good at being intuitive and sense the whole, but I don't necessarily succeed in doing both at the same time, or in traslating well from one to the other.

Oh, none of this is an overly exact science, as scientists still don't really know how the brain works, and certainly can't say much about what it has to do with ME, but I still think it is useful and interesting.

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31 May 2002 @ 21:31 by bushman : Hmm
Cool, I was tested for Add. Itwould be cool to see if Iv'echanged any since then.  

31 May 2002 @ 21:43 by magical_melody : Wow! Are we connected here or what!
I just got home and was talking about intelligence with a friend, and some of the interaction on NCN and mentioned you, and the different parts of the brain. I actually told her about how I saw you and the certain facets of your perceptual abilities, and how the group interacts in ways that are complimentary for drawing out varying levels of intelligence. Then I come to read your newslog, and here you are writing about it. Shit! Are we connected up in here? Gees. We have a group resonance that ties in the telepathic connectivity. I see the Universe supporting our group to facilitate awareness and development in here in ways that facilitates enhancements for each of us. I find the study here very interesting and it makes good logical sense to me. I feel that the findings sound accurate to what I have observed about you and you do seem strongly developed in the ways you have outlined. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in here next with this connectivity. Peace, Magical Melody  

1 Jun 2002 @ 00:26 by shawa : Re : accuracy of the test/
I think that´s the "glitch" I told you about the other day. It can be observed manifesting in the *House of Mirrors*, in the type of energies that interact lately in here, which *reflect your own structure*. It was particularly raw - in my humble opinion - in the Richard/Sharie thing. Mark also had an issue I believe, and it would be very interesting to hear Richard´s point of view.Ming, you could be in a process *with us* which will allow you to bridge the two facets more. I also think it´s partly cultural, not only deeply individual : "masculine" versus "femininine" thinking/feeling (in oneself, and "out there"). I know this group has been sort of dancing around the issue - and pointing to it subconsciously - for quite some time now. Maybe we came together, at least some of us, to have a go at this very global problem ? Thanks for posting this, it has tremendous value for me (and I think for others, too).

Wish they would make the test with me! :-) Re:integration of both, I know I´m good. I believe I´m serving as a bridge (corpus callosum?) in the group.  

1 Jun 2002 @ 00:59 by ming : Brains
Yeah, we're connected, and we're connecting. And that might indeed be one of the keys to what we're doing here. Maybe we're evolving an integrating bridge. Maybe we're part of the corpus calosum of the global brain.  

1 Jun 2002 @ 02:53 by jazzolog : Flatline

1 Jun 2002 @ 07:44 by jazzolog : For Shakti
I guess I do have a comment in response to what you say, Shakti, 2 comments above. Absolutely everyone has complained about the talk on the "Richard/Sharie thing"...and rightly so. Both Vaxen and Yashmir mentioned the arguing and bad energy just before they resigned. I think much of the difficulty is in naming it that. I know you see and are speaking of a major issue for the site up above, but referring to individual people in discussing those issues risks the level of gossip, which excites a few and bores the many. We're not alone in giving cases personal names like that; if we went to the Supreme Court it probably would be called Sharie vs. Jazzolog.

Nevertheless the real issue is about referee facilities or some kind of jurisprudence system, in the event a person feels hurt while exploring the labyrinth of the network and each other. A bridge. To somewhere. People can talk about individual personalities until they're blue in the fingers, in email, the workgroups, chat rooms, wherever, in my opinion, except out here in the public square that is the Logs. I call the individual issues that need discussion at NCN executive (getting the survey done), legislative (Mark and Scott initiate changes) and judicial (Richard/Sharie thing). But you can call them hickory, dickory, and dock for all I care, as long as we're into issues and principles rather than personalities.

Coincidentally or telepathically, Marianne Williamson has an apropos thought for us today:
" But God doesn’t need us to police the universe. Shaking our finger at someone doesn’t help them change. If anything, our perception of someone’s guilt only keeps them stuck in it. When we are shaking a finger at someone, figuratively or literally, we are not more apt to correct their wrongful behavior. Treating someone with compassion and forgiveness is much more likely to elicit a healed response. People are less likely to be defensive, and more likely to be open to correction. Most of us are aware on some level when we’re off. We’d be doing things differently if we knew how. We don’t need attack at this point; we need help. Forgiveness forges a new context, one in which someone can more easily change. "
--A Return to Love, p. 96

1 Jun 2002 @ 08:28 by scottj : Gooooood mornin' amerika ......

r i g h t .... so we got a rhythm we got a bass line, we got some weed, what else do we need?

A tune?

Forget a tune man! We don't need no tune, lets just get it on and blow!

Count it off ...........


"Get on up ..........

PS. This has got to be the *™* weirdest thread *™* I have ever read on NCN so I just thought I would make a left wing contribution (know what i mean?)  

1 Jun 2002 @ 18:32 by magical_melody : Gees, I think we covered it all!
These posts are reflective of the various states of consciousness, and all the various brain compartments expressing and such,...and I am laughing now!! He heee haaaa. Peace, Magical Melody  

2 Jun 2002 @ 01:13 by b : bee says
What and where is NCN executive? You are the NCN executive Richard? I read on another log that you say you are NCN asst Administrator too. How are these appointments made to you? Are they assumed? I saw you had offered Ming $1000 a month to maintain NCN? Did he accept? Did you buy those appointments? Boy, this is getting interesting.  

2 Jun 2002 @ 01:47 by jazzolog : Bee Is For Business
Ming was writing about how much work his site is, so I asked why doesn't he ask for some help from the membership, his friends or project associates. He replied that I could be the Assistant Administrator in charge of categorizing News Log articles, so I said OK. It's fun, and if it helps him, Great! Yeah, so I guess that makes me in the executive branch. Since I am the defendant in the "supreme court" case above, do you think I should step down? My political career was ruined by the incident, so I guess I'll never be a legislator. My aspirations for a judgeship in the New Civilization are dashed as well. So I'm settling for this desk job.
I believe Vaxen challenged me to put some money where my big mouth is and help Ming with the cash burden of the Network. I replied that if incorporation is a reality, with annual report and board of directors or somesuch, I would consider investing. He did not reply. Glad you're garnering interest in all this, Bee. Wanna help? Have a happy Sunday, Richard :-)  

2 Jun 2002 @ 04:36 by scottj : This thread just keeps on
getting on ......... LOL  

2 Jun 2002 @ 08:53 by shawa : Thanks for the note, Richard!
...Just a thought : I did not complain; I think it would have been interesting to investigate a bit deeper (which was impossible, I agree). Nothing more. :-)  

2 Jun 2002 @ 09:25 by swan : I am with Scott!
You just never know where the stream of consciousness is going to lead. Ming post an article about the brain and a diagram of his own brain and the Beta, Theta, Alpha and Delta begin to dance in everyones heads. It is amazing to watch. :) Swan  

2 Jun 2002 @ 10:17 by jazzolog : May I Cut In?
While Swan and Scott dance a beta mambo, let me say again, Shakti, that the "it" is an i s s u e which can and should be investigated deeper. The issue is n o t the personalities involved---at this point anyway...or oughtn't to be. I know you tried to establish a free negotiation group or room, which was terrific. Without subpoena power or consequences, we witnessed what happened...which was messy and needlessly hurtful (I think). I know you didn't complain. Let's see, what part of Ming's brain are we in right now anyway? Looks like the commingula: care for a tango? Ole!  

2 Jun 2002 @ 11:28 by bushman : Hmmm, lol.
Well, I can see that if all the individuals on the planet are part of one mind, then it stands to reason that the dialogs that develope with in your own mind as to making decisions or choices how to feel or react to something, are no different than the dialogs that develope within a group. Don't you mill things over in your mind? And in this perspective, don't you fight and argue and agree with those individual thoughts in your own mind? We are the thoughts that god has running around in his/her mind. This must be true since as I've read that even though you store info in certine places in the brain, it seems copys of redundent info is stored in each brain cell, so as to the colective thoughts of all humans we are individualy just one of gods brain cells. For years sientists thought electricity traveled through the wire, we know now that the electricity travels on the outside of the wire, held there on the wire by a magnetic field, we know this because we can pull electricity from a wire through induction. Now think about this, all those brain waves eminate from the surface of your head, thus the ability to feel others vibes, a phyic responce? Point is if you can't argue with yourself then whats the point of thought? Now think about this, one of gods creations was light, so this means that god came from the darkness, He/she said let there be light and poof it was so. god must of had to realy put to work all his/her brain cells to finaly figure out what light accualy looked like before it was created. Dark matter, is gray matter, no time , no light, no space. Soon the veil will be lifted, so the prophecy says. Soon there will be no darkness, no secrets. Ask the new born brain cell where it came from before it came here, Ask the new born child where it came from. I think you would be amased to find they came from your own thoughts, you like god created a place for a new cell to grow, now look at this, brain cells die or burn out yet the info is not lost, and yet the new cell has this info, how did it get there? It got there because of thought, Through a story told eons ago by another brain cell, the tail being retold many times evolves into the light of that cells perspective. So everything is everything and nothing is something. You are god and as divine as all that came before you, We are the light that cuts through the darkness. The voices are loud and clear, can you hear them?  

2 Jun 2002 @ 13:01 by b : bee says
Lol. Thanks Richard for the explanation. I don't think any past scandels will be a detriment to your moving on to an NCN legislative body. I look forward to your campaign. You most likely will have my support too. I know that Vax has not resigned. His profile is still in the data base. Unlike Nora Amrani(vibrani)whose profile went with her resignation. Both long time NCN members and contributors.  

2 Jun 2002 @ 14:46 by ming : Jazzolog
As to your offer of investing in NCN, I found it not very sincere and a bit insulting, so I didn't answer it. Yes, of course you'd invest in it if it produced a profit back to you. That's like saying: "How about I give you $1000 and you give me $1100 back, and then I'm a member of the board of directors." The question on the table at the time was the occasional, sometimes substantial, expensese involved in NCN. NCN has never been a profit making entity.  

6 Jun 2002 @ 02:38 by jazzolog : Wisdom
"Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house."
- Jules Henri Poincare

Or than a long list of members is a new civilization network?
(Isn't Bushman's comment, just above, brilliant!)  

20 Nov 2004 @ 21:45 by Judith Smith @ : freshlip3@netscape.net
I was wondering about psychics and if a person could be a little psychic and notknow they are for sure.  

21 Nov 2004 @ 18:28 by ming : Psychics
I'm sure. At least I've met some people who clearly were rather psychic (tending to be correct about their intuitions), but who never would admit it.  

12 Jun 2005 @ 14:00 by Morlokk The Mage @ : SPACE Ming the Mechanic Brain Waves SPAC
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12 Jun 2005 @ 15:59 by ming : What?
Is that supposed to convey any kind of meaning?  

12 Jun 2005 @ 16:03 by jmarc : mortock's been spamming a few logs
lately. he hit melanies yesterday, and posted someting at mine last week...fyi  

12 Jun 2005 @ 20:58 by ming : Morlokk
He seems to have too much time on his hands.  

12 Jun 2005 @ 21:29 by jmarc : or
too much SPACE N lol  

15 Feb 2007 @ 16:51 by Marc Lavoie JESUS!!! :) @ : HEY HEY!!!

26 Sep 2007 @ 04:34 by Ron Fitch @ : Your BrainMap online
Hello Flemming. Recently I put my name into Google, and eventually, up came upon your Ming the Mechanic: Brain Waves. I loved what you wrote, with one exception: The order of Brainwave Frequencies is: Delta (slowest) - Theta - Alpha - [SMR] - Lowe Beta and High Beta and Gamma (Fastest).

Many new things under research and investigation on this end.
I trust things are well with you....

Ron Fitch  

27 Sep 2007 @ 00:59 by ming : Waves
Hi Ron! Oops, I knew that, of course. At least now I do, but I must have been confused when I wrote the above. I've better correct it, so I don't confuse other people.  

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