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 Renaissance Faire2002-06-02 14:25
pictureby Flemming Funch

Yesterday, as we do every year, my family and I went to the Renaissance Faire. If you don't have something like that in your area, it is a big faire in the style of Elizabethan England, the beginning of the Renaissance, in the 16th century. Everybody who works there is in authentic costumes and speaking old Elizabethan English. And the same goes for a large percentage of the visitors.

It is fun because it is a very creative period. The language is very embellished and free-wheeling, something one has fun with. Like Shakespeare, who's from that period. And in terms of clothing, there's a lot to explore. From peasants through nobility, it is all fun to try to duplicate.

This is the first year I had gotten a full costume together. And a pretty cool costume, if I may say so. But in terms of Elizabethan England, it is a slight bit off. Sort of like I'm a wealthy out-of-towner who can afford fancy clothes, but who hadn't been brought up to put them together exactly right. So, maybe a pirate or something. Suits me fine. The latest additions are the thigh high boots folded down, in the pirate style, a pouch to carry my stuff in, and a dagger, to eat roasted wild boar with, and that kind of thing.

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2 Jun 2002 @ 14:55 by shawa : Fun to see you that way!
... :-) Thanks for sharing!...  

2 Jun 2002 @ 15:37 by swan : It works for me!
We have the Renaissance Festival in Minnesota. I always try to get dressed up when I go. And go barefoot. It is particularly fun on muddy days when the mud can ooz through your toes. We just don't get enough opportunities to play dress up! Thanks for posting the photo. Swan  

2 Jun 2002 @ 17:17 by magical_melody : You All Look Great! What Fun!
Thanks for letting us in on the Adventure and for posting the picture! I love the Renaissance Fair. The last One I went to was really Magical. A highlight was when I dazzled the crowd with answering the Wizards puzzling Rhyming Riddles twice. "I am a Master of Metaphor", I said. Magical Melody  

4 Jun 2002 @ 04:36 by maxtobin : Thats a healthy Civilization!
The best of all the worlds is surely when we can embelish the moment (make it sacred). I'm all for a bit of rollickin' rockin fun too, celebration is a key to health in a society I feel.  

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