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 Flemming's Heart2002-06-07 01:19
pictureby Flemming Funch

I've been concerned about my own health recently. Which is in part why I'm going and taking different kinds of tests. Maybe I'm just going through an emotional experience, maybe I'm a hypochondriac, but it is probably a good idea to get a checkup once in a while. So, today I went and got a full body CT scan. That's where pictures are taken of 1 mm slices through the body, and a computer then puts it all back together into a set of 3D pictures. Rather fascinating. For example, on the picture to the right you see my heart, in the middle, with all the arteries going out from it. It is sort of seen from above and behind. In the lower part of the picture you see my back. The yellowish part is fat, and the reddish part is muscle. They could rotate that picture around in 3D space. And there was another, animated one, showing the heart beating, with the two major aorta valves opening and closing. Don't mean to gross you out. I found it very interesting. Particularly since they couldn't see anything wrong.

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7 Jun 2002 @ 05:52 by swan : Wow
That is profound...what a beautiful peice of artwork. I am constantly amazed at the beauty of these human bodies. Thanks for posting this.  

7 Jun 2002 @ 07:52 by mmmark : TASTEY LOOKING RIBS

7 Jun 2002 @ 17:12 by magical_melody : Looks Cool!
Ming, Thanks for posting your physical heart here, and I am glad they did not find any trouble! I agree with Swan, what a piece of art work! Love, Alana  

10 Jun 2002 @ 11:06 by protech : From what do people want.....
Hi Flemming, In your earlier post "What do people want" you wrote: "I could use some medical advice on the little bump on my left arm, or the slight gurgling noise in my chest." I am wondering, do you now, or have you ever, used an inhaler? Specifically one with albuterol?

Funny thing is that I've been sensing this "gurgling" sensation that feels like my heart, also, but also might actually be my lung(s). Somtimes this is accompanied with a mental nervousness, anxiety and general hyper-aware 'spacyness'.

Anyway, I've been recently taking this new immune boosting product called Transfer Factor, and these symptoms seem to have disappeared and I haven't needed an inhaler either (although I'm not really an asthmatic, per se).

I would check it out. It might help you too...

10 Jun 2002 @ 14:16 by ming : Medical stuff
I've never used an inhaler. But yes, the gurgling thing is something I couldn't quite figure out whether it was my heart, my lungs or maybe just my stomach. When I was smoking I noticed it, and associated it with my lungs, and didn't worry much about it. Just felt like an "enough tar for one day" kind of message. But I still have it once in a while and now it has felt more like my heart. And it makes me nervous. I'll check out that product.  

15 Oct 2003 @ 14:18 by Joyce @ : Gurgle PANIC
I just took my albuterol an hour ago and I just had that gurgling feeling too. I have had it before and it always freaks me out. I was checked by my doctor the first time and he had me on a heart monitor and I was fine. At that time I had taken too many puffs of albuterol. It was a windy fall day. And again it is a windy fall day and again I did it.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 19:31 by Forever @ : izdeINzRMgD
Imvpissere brain power at work! Great answer!  

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