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 Structures for Change2002-06-07 04:31
by Flemming Funch

I'm off to Seattle for a couple of days for Structures for Change with a bunch of old and new friends from many different groups dedicated to social change, to work on what kind of structures might best support linking things together. Any suggestions?

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7 Jun 2002 @ 07:55 by mmmark : Democracy
Ming - I think any design for a "from-the-bottom-up" democratic structure would help. Right now we have a from-the-top-down- thing happening, which is disrespectful of citizens and prevntative to sharing the resposibility of running a nation. It should function as a loop.  

7 Jun 2002 @ 08:36 by cho : "bottom up"
I think the key in this is the question, how to faciliate without making people dependent on facilitarors? Paulo Friere dealt with that in his book "Education for Critical Consiousness", when he pointed out how resource people ended up transferring their own cultural values ... I think he called those who practiced a more skillful method "agents of extension".
Here's one of my all-time favorite quotes: "It is not for me to change you. The question is, how can I be of service to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom? (R. Buckminster Fuller) ... it really comes down to giving rise to integrity and authentic presence, to my way of seeing.  

7 Jun 2002 @ 17:19 by magical_melody : What perfect timing!
Given all the articles you have been writing Ming, and the posts of late, this seems like a well timed conference for you to be attending. Enjoy! Also I second the emotion of what Mark shared above, from the bottom up, and top down- to meet at the middle - where kindness meets at the heart. Peace, Alana  

8 Jun 2002 @ 21:07 by vaxen : land and...
buildings for grid free living. then, of course, compliance comes into the picture again. as far as bottom up and top down...i think both should be examined in the light of a universe sans hierarchical precepts and concepts. the united states, per se, was never a democracy. no use in reiderating that time and time again for the people have been duped into thinking that America/USA/The United Staes/ The United States of America is a democracy. it has, more and more become a social democratic haven but is still touted as """A RE-PUBLIC""" does anyone understand the difference between a 're-public' and a 'democracy?' there are observable differences. in the 20's and 30's the US Army did a fine study on 'democracy.' they even printed a, hard to get, manual on it...

but mostly i think land and sustainable architectures of all sorts are needed in order to construct a viable, survivable, future for those who want it.


10 Jun 2002 @ 14:18 by ming : Thanks
for the input.  

10 Jun 2002 @ 18:05 by maxtobin : Bottom up
Not to be confused with the ostrich position!! There have been a number of initiatives to do with constant refereenda and televoting that would actually facilitate a true democracy. We do have the technology and the way to empower all, there is a journey and a leap of faith needed to get us there though. I believe that if we give the population a chance then they will rise to the challenge, it may be a rough journey to start but hey isn't it now. Constant referendum, would see the evolution af great orators who would seek a common language to express things clearly and simply, there would be no decisions that were not made by a suitable predetermined majority. With passing of time there would be an evolution of concern and civic participation that would see a united sanity emerge from the present fragmented confusion. All this pattern of abuse created by ego isolation (dis ease) can be 'fixed' by remembering that our ego in harmony is one with the all (at ease boys and girls!!). Wishing light and understanding for your conference Ming, looking forward to further feed back when you return.  

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