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 Seeing and Tuning Social Networks2002-06-15 04:24
by Flemming Funch

Very interesting article by Jon Udell who's a techie who's written books about collaboration software for one thing. In this article he touches on a lot of subjects related to the social structures between people. For example, how networks with "holes" in them represent the biggest opportunities, as resourceful people might discover how to fill those holes.

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17 Jun 2002 @ 20:24 by bushman : Here it is.
Have you checked this out?
And it's just more synconicity stuff around here aint it. We really must becarful of what we wish for. :}  

28 Apr 2016 @ 21:08 by Hayle @ : qUGVfXFUGWb
meine besten freund weil er ihm er für mich dar ist egal wie scßihee es mir geht ist er für mich dar und wen ich das gewinnen würde ich ihm das als dank zu kommen lasen  

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