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Saturday 24 Aug 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Saturday 24 Aug 20022002-08-24 12:08
pictureby Flemming Funch

Hm, I think I know how this should work. An easy way of making little mini-postings, which get gathered up till the end of the day, and then I hit a Publish button, and they all show grouped together in a posting of the miscellaneous news tidbits for the day. Each mini-posting could maybe have a little picture, optionally, but no subject. I'm not sure if there should be separate comments allowed for a mini-posting.

McDonalds introduces a McAfrika Burger in Norway. Eh, hmm, yeah, that's probably not such a great idea.

Damn, somebody highjacked my ICQ account. Or, rather, one of them I hadn't used recently, with an attractive low number. I fell for a scam I should have been wise enough to see through. I got an e-mail from ICQ support (I thought) which told me I hadn't used my account for a while (true) and to keep my account active I needed to log into a certain form with my ID and password, to demonstrate that I was still there. Sounded reasonably enough at first glance, so I did so. Without realizing that the e-mail wasn't really from ICQ, but from some people in Turkey pretending to be ICQ. I should have noticed from the bad spelling, or I should have double-checked where the form was being submitted to, but I didn't. Anyway, the guy who took over my account changed the profile, password and everything. And then he sent me a message on my other ICQ account, and we had a conversation of sorts, limited by the fact that his English wasn't much better than my Turkish. And as soon as I brought up the subject of why he might have stolen my account, he excused his bad English and disappeared. ... But, after pulling out my hair and trying a bunch of things, I managed to get the "Lost your password?" facility on ICQ to send me his new password, because the account still had my basic control information, even if everything else was different. So, sorry Mr. Zeybek Soner of Aydyn, I will be taking it from here.

Just saw xXx (triple-X) at the movies this evening. Woo-hoo, what a ride! Good to get a little adrenaline flowing once in a while. And, good clean fun, really. Nothing overly violent. Favorite quote:

"If you're gonna send somebody to save the world, you've better check that they like it the way it is".

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25 Aug 2002 @ 23:09 by scottj : Norway and US
US corps often use Norway as final market survey because the consumption patterns are so close to the US. Coca Cola did it with a new version of Diet Coke but it looks like MacDonalds f*****d up over this one. Can't see it being an issue in the US though.  

1 May 2016 @ 22:51 by Lawanda @ : rQUAWNHguZlSD
Subhanallah semangat mba…. Namanya juga laundry mba, sering ga paham nyetrikanya harus pas lipetan dan juga sering kepanasan sampe baju berkilau2.Eh eh udah berapa minggu mba? Kok udah nendang? Seru ya&0#238;.Ana ga puasa mba… ni masih ngejar berat badannya sofia. Baru 5,6 kg mba. Stresful time. DSA-nya bilang mo mulai MPASI 5,5 bulan. Catatn MPASI ziyad mana mba? hehe mo belajar  

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