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Sunday 25 Aug 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Sunday 25 Aug 20022002-08-25 12:25
pictureby Flemming Funch

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  • Scott Johnson writes about "Goofballs in service of corporate capitalism", about how well-meaning, but self-deluded new age people inadvertently play into the hands of the corporate status quo, because their obvious incompentence and ignorance sort of spoils the chances of those with viable functional alternative information and solutions to ever succeed in selling their ideas to the public. Rather harsh, but I agree to a great extent. A lot of the weird stuff I believe in and that I do is very new age. But I think it is much more important to gather workable solutions for the world than it is for everybody to feel warm and fuzzy about everything.

  • One of the RSVPs for the next L.A. NewCiv Salon has a project of starting a new country and there I found an interesting link about Micronationalism which is, in short, the idea of just imagining a country and then making it more and more real, by consistently acting as if it already exists. And I kind of like that approach.

  • Thomas Friedman in "Drowning Freedom in Oil" says a few good words about how US foreign policy is all based on oil. (NY Times requires a registration to look at articles).

  • Quote for today: "Creation of physical reality is an activity of your consciusness. Then, Why not make it consciously? That is : Why not be aware that you are doing it and control it consciously?" -- from del caribe.net

  • Oh, and there's this excellent piece from the same place: The Gospel According to Saint Tony about how we construct our reality.

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