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Monday 26 Aug 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Monday 26 Aug 20022002-08-26 01:05
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Here's some excellent weblog coverage from the World Summit in Johannesburg. See also Quidnovi's NewsLog for comments.

  • Interesting interview with Naomi Klein, who says stuff like "At Rio, a deal with the devil was made. In many ways corporations funded the summit, but they funded with strings attached. And the strings were, you canÂ’t regulate us, weÂ’re going to have this voluntary partnership model. Now, corporate involvement in the summit has vastly escalated. So success for this summit is failure. When you have a failed model, its failure is a succes."

  • I noticed a link to Openflows. "Openflows provides news, analysis, network facilities, and the tools of Open Source Intelligence to support group, organization and community development". That sounds good. I still don't quite understand what it is.

  • Article at CNN about "machinima". That means that you use similar software and hardware as you would for playing Quake games, and you use it for shooting your own real-time realistic animated 3-D movies. Anybody can play.

  • "The next Danish prime minister will have a weblog" says Thomas Madsen-Mygdal. Sure. Denmark would be the place for that.

  • Father Guido Sarducci is the founder of the Five-Minute University. You know, since most of what one learns during college is eventually forgotten, courses should be reduced to key points that can be taught quickly. For example, a business course is basically about "buying stuff and selling it for more." Economics is just "supply and demand." Using this approach, the entire four-year curriculum could be trimmed down to five minutes. ... I think that's about right.

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    30 Apr 2016 @ 01:09 by Kamryn @ : mnAQYUrqWNn
    Estoy de acuerdo con Raquel, qué gran idea!!!Muchas gracias por darnos consejos y ayudarnos con todas las cosas que a muchas nos plantean dudas e inddugrieases. Gracias Ana Belén!!  

    11 Jul 2016 @ 16:48 by angelica @ : ica

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