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Monday 2 Sep 2002

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 Monday 2 Sep 20022002-09-02 19:34
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • George Bush Jr. wants his own personal war against Iraq, and most of the rest of the world thinks its a stupid idea. Which it is. Nelson Mandela says "We are really appalled by any country, whether a superpower or a small country, that goes outside the U.N. and attacks independent countries". And, thankfully, there's disagreement in the Republican party on this. And there's growing public sentiment against the war plans.

  • World Summit Agrees on Poverty Plan

  • I read an article about Quantum physics and free will, despite knowing that I usually end up really frustrated with somebody attempting a "scientific" discussion of something like free will. Usually doesn't have anything to do with scientific method, but rather some hapless person trying to reason himself logically towards what he already believes, without having much clue about what logic is or where it comes from. Just the scenario of human beings discussing whether they have free will or not, or whether they are really aware, or they just think they are - all of it easily ends up being humorously idiotic. The only thing useful to me in that article is that somebody quotes Stephen Hawking as saying that Free Will is a theory that allows us better prediction of human behavior than does any other available theory. And that he had a similar argument for the existence of God.

  • Couch potato lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking

    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." --Albert von Scent-Gyorgyi

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    3 Sep 2002 @ 00:53 by vaxen : hee hee...
    That 'photo' of the Pres. really looks like Alfred E Neumann! Hilarious. There's free will for ya. BTW have you researched the origins of the concept and the word 'will?' Is it the same as that used in the phrase 'Last 'will' and testament?' Are there links, perhaps, to the Nordic Godform 'Vili' of Odhinn, 'Vili,' and 'Ve?'  

    4 Sep 2002 @ 01:41 by ming : Will
    The current Danish version is "vilje". It implies desire a bit more than the English meaning does, I think. But, yeah, I don't really know where it comes from. Finding out might possibly dissolve the silly argument about whether we have it or not.  

    28 Mar 2007 @ 19:21 by 123 @ : huh
    bush is retarded  

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