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Tuesday 3 Sep 2002

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 Tuesday 3 Sep 20022002-09-03 11:54
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Chirac proposes a globalization tax to fight world poverty. Well, I generally don't believe in taxes, and most of the suggestions for how to carry it out are unfair, but it isn't entirely unreasonable to make the people pay for it who make the most profit from exploiting poor countries. Actually I'd be perfect happy if all taxes were being paid only by large corporations, and not by individuals. Governments have no right to tax individuals, but they have all right to tax corporations, as they invented them.

  • A pedal powered wireless network is providing Internet access to villagers in Laos.

  • Greek government bans all computer games. Yeah, that's really smart. Maybe I'll send my son to Greece and he'll take up collecting stamps.

  • Somebody is patenting technology for an invisibility cloak, sort of.

  • Bob Hiltner mentions BookCrossing. It is a very cool concept of registering books you own and have read, and then "releasing" them into the wild by giving them away, leaving them in a coffee shop or something. And then others will leave a history of journal notes about what happened with the book, what they thought about it, and what they did with it. Very intriguing, that idea of recording the history of an item which is passed from person to person.

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    4 Sep 2002 @ 02:29 by vaxen : Chirac...
    is 'one of them,' flemming. heh heh heh "They live!" Do'nt know if you ever saw that film or not. Freedom Technology is available and it wo'nt come through the Chiracs of this world nor will it come through 'working and job and all the myths of the ethics of applied banditry practiced by the likes of the Gangs on Capitol hill. Either of them...in essence they are the same and care not one wit for your, our, freedom. Freedom is something we must develope for our selves. It is adequate against all tyrants snares.





    True Laissez Faire Capitalism is a real boon to mankind. The wretches on Capitol hill do not practice it. They practice 'preditory capitalism' which is a horse of a defferent color and has nothing whatsoever to do with 'free and open markets.' The future is in our hands not theirs. So take hope and be encouraged. See ya bro...  

    4 Sep 2002 @ 05:07 by ming : Predatory capitalism
    Yeah, there's a good term for it. I quite agree.  

    4 Sep 2002 @ 05:24 by jstarrs : Chirac
    is called 'Super Liar' here. I know he loves ol' chinese culture and somewhere has a human heart but maybe he's also looking to boost his tarnished image. I mean, proposing something you know no-one will adopt doesn't cost you anything and can get you a couple of points on the polls?
    Then again, what's freedom? (singing "just another word for nothing left to lose...la-di-da & me & bobby macgee")  

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