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Friday 6 Sep 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Friday 6 Sep 20022002-09-06 21:25
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • John Ashbaugh is talking about his experience with NewsLogs. Music to my ears.

    As to my own experiment with using my newslog differently, I think I'm happy with it. I didn't make any new features to the program yet to support it, but even if I didn't, it is still perfectly feasible to do a daily post with various sub-postings to it, like this one.

    I write my newslog entries for myself and sort of addressed to the world. Meaning, I think of it as a place on the web people come by to see what I'm up to, or what I'm interested in, or what I'm like. And, secondarily, I'm interested in the synergy and community that forms amongst people who do the same sort of thing.

  • My friend Raymond Powers has released his new CD.

  • Controversy about some alleged pictures from Mars. See MSNBC Story 6 Sept. In brief, processing of the infrared pictures show the remnants of a large city. But, the origin of the pictures is disputed.

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    7 Sep 2002 @ 06:50 by bushman : Mars
    I got to listen to this info live, on Art Bells show. Ive seen all the pics, and could belive what I saw in them. The issue still is , did Mr, Langly get duped by some spoofer on the net or did he get the real macoy? Also did you see this pic from 1989 by the russians? Seems they got the cityscape in black and white IR. {link:http://www.artbell.com/images/hoagland8.jpg}
    Could it be that the people that once may have lived on Mars where giants and could they of covered the entire planet with huge megalopolises, kind of like our coast line citys of here on earth? Could what they are seeing be just some really old huge ice crystals? Then I want to add this info left by some native americans, did they know that their ancestors came from Mars? I did notice that the block paterns do not show on land that rises above the ice layer. http://www.kachina.net/~emprivan/page8.html
    Could Mars be an artificial moon, of a destroyed planet that became the astroid belt of today? My best friend says we should just assume that there was life on/in Mars and just try and prove that, I had to say that we should just go there and find out. Mars is still more intresting than the moon of earth, but still its posable that they found some anciant crashed space craft on the moon, and decided the rest of us werent ready to know this info. I can't find the page, but there is a web site that showcases paintings from around the 1500s, one shows god and jesus carrying what looks exacly like sputnik 1. There is something to this info that just isn't right. Imagine when John Glen stepped off the lander, said his one step for man thing, then turned around and saw this giant guy sitting dead in his craft because he just opened the door to his craft, or maybe just drove right up to an abandoned base there on the moon. So many questions, too many lies, will we ever know the truth? Hmm, sorry, that pic above was suposed to be a link but for some reason it put the pic that was on the page, lol.  

    7 Sep 2002 @ 14:35 by ming : Mars pictures
    I fixed the link. Yeah, I heard parts of it on Art Bell the last couple of nights as well. I don't know if somebody was duped there and the pictures are fake. But personally I would believe there have been past civilizations on Mars. And that there is a second, secret, space program that NASA doesn't know about, but that they're unwittingly helping to cover up.  

    1 May 2016 @ 22:51 by Keydrick @ : rjJZzhAcTyG
    Erna: "Alla anst-iilam loggar och all skit pÃ¥ denna bloggen tyder bara pÃ¥ en sak. Ni kanske kan klura ut vad jag menar ;) Ja, vi vet vad det tyder pÃ¥: ATT FOLK MER OCH MER BÖRJAR INSE VAD ISLAM ÄR FÖR SJUK SEKT./FS  

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