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Friday, Sept. 13th, New Civ Salon

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 Friday, Sept. 13th, New Civ Salon2002-09-14 03:50
pictureby Flemming Funch

Very pleasant New Civilization Salon event this evening at Malibu Phoenix. Around 60 attendees. Inspiring and diverse group as usual. Good stories, inportant issues, singing, video showings.

Its a funny thing with this kind of event that it only really is happening when there is more than a certain number of people. More than around 50 or so, although that depends on how much space they're in. But there's a certain point where things sort of ignite by themselves. And in this case it worked well.

But it is hard to capture or condense here what goes on at an event like that.

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20 Dec 2014 @ 01:11 by Bamm @ : JNspbFguBiUL
HenryGyes I do support ecretolal reform for the Commons. I want to persuade voters to stop voting Lib Dem, not to rig the system so they don't get represented. If 20% of the population are daft enough to vote Lib Dem they should get 20% of the seats. You could get round the hung parliament issue - which in any case can happen under First Past the Post - by separation of powers and having a national equivalent of a directly elected mayor i.e. a directly elected PM & executive.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 20:15 by Michelino @ : XadpUEhZMV
I'm a tech and my opinion is to work for an inpeedndent shop. the older mechanics will teach you techniques and skills that no corporate company could possibly teach you. you'd be surprised at how many dealership mechanics can't align a car or diagnose simple tire noise let alone rebuild a transmission. sears will severely stagnate your growth as a mechanic and you'll hate your job within a year. plus they'll start you off at $7 or something like that.  

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