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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

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 Tuesday, September 17, 20022002-09-17 22:59
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pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Wú-Míng is mandarin for 'no name'. In China, that is often used as a signature for dissident writings. The Wu-Ming Foundation, is an Italian collective of writers and activists who believe in experiments towards social cooperation.

  • Heiner Benking reminds me of the Wholeness Seminar which is one of the many great things that live here on my server. An amazing collection of materials on whole systems thinking. Heiner is a member of the Club of Budapest, and a big champion for whole systems, dialogue and other good things I believe in as well.

  • A pacifist teenage anarchist puts up a good fight when her high school tries to shut her up. You go girl!

  • Bruce Kodish handed me a copy of his book "Drive yourself Sane" which appears to be an excellent introduction to the principles of General Semantics. General Semantics was created by Alfred Korzybski and presented in his somewhat overwhelming tome "Science and Sanity", written in 1933. I managed to read it and I think it is great, but most people nowadays can't be expected to even be capable of reading it, as it is very dense and academic. And what General Semantics teaches is of immense importance, now more than ever, so it is good to have some more approachable presentations of the principles.

    ".. it would be very unlikely for unlikely events not to occur. If you don't specify a predicted event precisely, there are an indeterminate number of ways for an event of that general kind to take place" --John Allen Paulos

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    1 comment

    1 May 2016 @ 11:12 by Brandilyn @ : CSTnrCOzxzCYTEIrd
    It's a real plrsauee to find someone who can think like that  

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