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Thursday, September 19, 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Thursday, September 19, 20022002-09-19 23:02
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Nice display in the sky this evening in Los Angeles. The picture there shows pretty much what I saw from my front yard, even though I didn't take it. Supposedly a Minuteman ICBM missile from Vandenberg airforce base.

  • The Hathaway family in Virginia built an all solar powered house, without having to compromise on domestic appliances.

  • Kuro5in: Five Ways to Lose an Argument on Iraq. Just because you're against attacking Iraq is no reason to be naive and mis-informed.

  • Lawrence Lessig is a law professor who used to be a right-wing Republican. He's now one of the key freedom fighters for the Net. He's going to argue in front of the U.S. Supreme Court for tranforming copyright law.

    "Only a minute to minute relentless struggle can balance one's natural but stupefying insistence to remain unchanged." -- Taisha Abelar

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    20 Sep 2002 @ 03:18 by tdeane : Beautiful quote, Ming...
    and as I near the end of my 9th month in the womb of NCN, preparing for my birth into another dimension of my existence, while still calling this home and returning from time to time, I will be leaving a beautiful gift for you for all that you have given me over this period of my embryonic existence. I hope you will look for it, read it, and cherish it in your relentless pursuit of purpose, each and every one of them expressing each facet of you. Thank you for being the example of how, both in the triumphs and in the pitfalls. Love ~ Tricia  

    20 Sep 2002 @ 04:44 by ming : Thanks Tricia
    And may your birth be continuous, and full of gifts given and received.  

    20 Sep 2002 @ 13:19 by jazzolog : Tricia's Leaving
    I am believing that, like some others of the last few months, Tricia's birth departure involves "active" membership rather than complete resignation. Unlike the others, we have an announced intention here with promise of an accounting. These aspects make the burden easier to bear. Naturally, as with Scott, I will do everything I can to keep the active light burning, pray that there are no interactions that come up to sour the plan, and if she goes, continue on the outside, as we do anyway. The thing is that, besides Ming, Tricia probably is the most valuable member NCN has. This lovely being isn't out in the spotlight so much, but works ceaselessly in the foundation. Her WorkGroup, although my experience is limited, probably is a model for the whole site. Tons of stuff is going on all over, with possibilities for that membership to plug into whatever aspect of peacemaking appeals at the core or for the moment. Work is accomplished. And you know what? You just click to join. No invitations, no permissions, no applications, no secrets. There's an open NewsLog in there, which goes to the Splash Page sometimes. Scroll down to Groups, click (not clique) and find it, join and go to work. She trusts. And in return she's the most trusted person in here. Tricia knows I'm going to assemble all my "followers" and try to manipulate her decision from now on. ;-) I love you, Sister! ---Richard  

    20 Sep 2002 @ 14:30 by neolux : nice pic there ming
    it sort of looks like a dove of peace in those clouds eh? Coming from a minuteman iii, that seems like an oxymoron or something. Hmm...can the tools of war achieve peace?  

    20 Sep 2002 @ 14:36 by ming : Picture
    Actually those kind of contrail things at sunset is some of the most beautiful things I've seen in the sky. Whenever they do some kind of rocket test from Vandenberg there's something like that. This time, after it was looking like the picture, the white part somehow became brighter, and there was this purple rainbow like glow.  

    20 Sep 2002 @ 15:20 by bushman : From AZ
    I could see it from here, it was cool, the last one was better out here, it looked like a a mushroom cloud, this trail looked like a ufo was behind a hill, it was so bright. Thing is that they can be seen from here in Sedona AZ. :}  

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