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Friday, September 20, 2002

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 Friday, September 20, 20022002-09-20 16:22
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • This is the future. We should have had flying cars by now. But wait, there's a very sensible engineering effort that might actually make it happen. The Moller Skycar appears to be about 3 years away from production. 300+ MPH and 28 miles to the gallon. Cost expected to be like a midrange Mercedes, and it will fit in the same parking spot.

  • I made some changes in the newslog program so that links to past articles should be be more digestible by search engines. I should know in a couple of days how much difference it makes. Seems that Google gets to my newslog every 2 days at this point.

  • Mitch Ratcliffe: "Our President has a doctrine The new Bush Doctrine, that the U.S. may rightfully strike first against any nation or group in order to protect its way of life and the free market system, is going to get us into a world of hurt. It is very much like the intransigent German policy of confrontation that followed the dismissal of Bismarck in 1890 and led intractably to World War I. You can read the 35-page document justifying this aggressive new foreign policy at the White House Web site."

  • Conform. Consume. Obey.

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    20 Sep 2002 @ 22:21 by bushman : Ive wanted a skycar for years.
    I asked my boss to get me one last night , she said ok, then she read the info and found out it wasn't a 30 buck plastic model, lol. By the time they cost 120,000 I'll be too old to fly it my self, but it will be automated to the point that all I'd have to do is get in and press the button that says, store, kid, doctor, and/or pharmacy, lol. I sent Mr snaflburgar to my mom, lol.  

    24 Sep 2002 @ 09:00 by magical_melody : Over 20 yrs ago!
    Flemming, I was seeing flying cars long ago, and have been wondering...when? Then the movie "The Fifth Element," came out and I had to laugh with all the scenes presented within that film. Who knows, the technology probably already exists, as I know that the spacecraft that many often see, well...I believe that some of em are ours. Politics is still holding back significant technological breakthroughs and developments. We certainly know this is true in regards to free energy.

    I feel that we will be seeing groups of people in the near future, supporting these breakthroughs through "Spirit Led," ways that confounds and cuts through the barriers and strongholds that certain ones have held in place. Won't that be exciting? Many surprises are coming and I am looking forward to more liberation and abundance opening for those of us in support of the new civil-ization!  

    24 Sep 2002 @ 13:49 by ming : Technology
    Yeah, I would guess technology for flying cars has been available since the 60s or so. Something much more suitable than a thing with propeller. So, hopefully we'll get our hands on some of that stuff sometime soon. The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies.  

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