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Sunday, September 22, 2002

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 Sunday, September 22, 20022002-09-22 17:08
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  • "Capitalism" is often presented as synonymous with "Free Market", which I think is totally bogus. I don't have any doubt that a truly free market is inherently fair and productive and intelligent. I just think that the core of capitalism is about something totally different: The centralized, monopolistic, private ownership and rental-for-profit of all the capital that everybody else has to use, and the hierarchy that flows from that. Simply a clever way of confiscating and socializing the majority of the wealth on the planet, without hardly anybody noticing. Would anybody like to disabuse me of that idea? Anybody has a definition of "Capitalism" that explains what it does with capital, rather than just extolling the virtues of freedom and individual liberty, of which I need no convincing. capitalism.org appears to say nothing about capital. Ludwig von Mises: Human Action: A Treatise on Economics is weighing down my bookshelf, and I haven't gotten around to reading it. Is it about free market economics or about capitalism?

  • Excellent article by Catherine Austin Fitts: Narcodollars for Beginners. First of all, her "Solari Index" of the health and safety of a neighborhood is wonderful and simple. And then she gives one of the most lucid explanations of the economics of drug trade, and how absolutely obvious it is that it pervades the whole U.S. economy and is kept in place from the highest levels of authority.

  • Rupert Murdoch's media network is planning a television game show that over a two year period will pick the best person to be president of the United States. Hey, I think that's quite a good idea. I doubt that they would pick an illiterate oil millionaire who cheats in elections.

  • In 1901 divers off of Antikythera, Greece uncovered a clock-like mechanism from an old shipwreck. It apparently would acurately keep track of the positions of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the time, the moon phases and other good stuff. It resembles a well-made 18th-century clock, and used technology previously believed to have been developed the first time in the 17th century. The problem is that it is more than 2000 years old, and was calibrated for a time period around 80B.C.

  • I really like the word "Holonomics". It sort of conjures up for me an integrated whole systems discipline that illuminates economics, society, reality, thinking, acting, feeling, etc. It is a very under-used term. Jose Arguelles spread it around a bit and said some promising things about it, but nobody filled in the details. Ha, I just found a little essay I wrote about it in 1994, on a nice site in Malaysia that I didn't know.

    "In this Jump Time of whole-system transition we can no longer afford to live as half-light versions of ourselves. The complexity of our time requires a greater and wiser use of our capacities; a rich playing of the instrument we have been given. The world can thrive only if we can grow. The possible society which includes the emerging global business world can become a reality only if people learn to be the possible humans we are meant to be." -- Jean Houston

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    22 Sep 2002 @ 23:59 by vaxen : Check out...
    "Laissez-faire, laissez-passer, le monde va de lui-meme"
    This faq should be a nice beginning for you Flemming. What you are against is not true Capitalism. Most people are totally unaware of what 'capitalism' really is.

    There is much, much, more, but I thought this would be a nice place for you to begin.


    23 Sep 2002 @ 00:23 by ming : Capitalism
    Well, but I actually just read that yesterday as well. And it makes the same mistake of equating capitalism with freedom and individual rights, and saying that a capitalist is just somebody who does business with others. And that the core of it is a separation of the economy from the state.

    Not a word about capital, though.

    I'm quite open to the idea that it might not be true capitalism I have a beef with. But I find it very curious than none of these FAQs and definitions of capitalism has any kind of mention of corporations and centralized banking. They pretend it is all about individuals making choices, and those choices collectively adding up to something that works.

    The part I'm having a problem with, and which is the 30 foot pink elephant in the room that isn't mentioned in that FAQ, is the fact that all economic energy (capital) has to be borrowed from the same source, and paid back with interest. I would think that THAT's capitalism. You need to go and get some capital before you can do anything, and then you use that capital to make a lot of people and resources work, and then you pay the capital back with interest to where you got it from. And those who control the capital are the real top-level operators - the capitalists.

    But this does provide some illumination of the capitalistic belief that the only legitimate purpose of the state is to clear the way for corporations .. I mean for individuals .. by protecting their rights.  

    23 Sep 2002 @ 00:35 by vaxen : Yes...
    But how do you define 'Capital' ming? In any case I offer another, perhaps you've read it too, view in a really well written article. I hope that we can generate some interest in this dialogue for it is at the core of the sickness called 'society.' cf:


    23 Sep 2002 @ 00:50 by ming : Das Kapital
    Hm, I'm not sure if that one helps me much, other than the comment about obscurity being a key tool for capitalism.

    But things are actually becoming more clear for me. On how it is probably all just about protecting and expanding the capital. The capital being the economic energy borrowed from banks and accummulated in various forms. Drug policies, wars, terrorism, from the capitalist perspective it is all about protecting the expansion of the capital. Keeping certain drugs illegal fuels the whole system. Having a war keeps the wheels turning, and manipulates some overseas capital assets into the proper hands. All about protecting the money. And the role of the state is to clear the road for the big capital interests to be able to do that. It is actually quite simple. The capital doesn't have a conscience, it just flows out, multiplies as much as it can, and comes back.

    So it seems to me like we very much have a capitalist system, but it is defined for the public completely different from what it actually is. Opacity. Obscurity. Double-speak. For the public it is about individual freedom and rights, and for the capitalists it is about free movement of capital. And we all the time get distracted into thinking it is about something else than the capital. That it is about terrorists and morals and religion and hard work and protecting the little people, where all of those are really just disposable packaging for the capital. It is really all about Return On Investment (ROI).  

    20 Dec 2014 @ 00:08 by Ozan @ : RccntdnjzpeJlucH
    Even if he understood, he would not risk losnoig his chance of feasting on Greece's carcass as its Primeminister. His "interest group" is the actual ruling class of Greece benefiting from insane labor laws and preventing any measurements of ever being implemented. By controlling the streets, they have put an end to any positive reforms. We need to find the right place for Mr Tsipras and that is not in government, but in jail with the rest of them.  

    23 Dec 2014 @ 14:17 by Asein @ : PJwbJUpWxJfhxb
    Bla bla bla....... Identify 5 large and long term strategic pojcerts and seek investments from the same countries that wish a share in our resources in the form of an energy bond.Countries could transfer those bonds to private companies and based on their equity they will receice a %.As for what kind of pojcerts I am talking about, "the Greej-Roumanian Canal"..NANot an economist  

    29 Apr 2016 @ 05:22 by Jane @ : yJBEacsvXPFeCCw
    This arcitle went ahead and made my day.  

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