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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

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 Wednesday, September 25, 20022002-09-25 15:16
pictureby Flemming Funch

Its my birthday today. Not that it suits me very well. I'm usually sort of depressed on my birthday, or things go wrong. Like, today my driver's license expires, and some old forgotten court citation suddenly popped up that I'll have to go pay before I can renew the license. And its all in different parts of town, and its rush hour. And I can't do it anyway, because I have no money to pay it with right this second, and tomorrow I'll have no driver's license. Pfptth! Nothing that can't be solved, but not the kind of fun I'd really like to have on my birthday.

  • The picture of the cigar-smoking "capitalist" from my 9/23 post was actually of Che Guevara, the infamous and legendary South American revolutionary guerrilla leader, known for his intransigence towards both the capitalist and communist establishments. Quote: "Man really attains the state of complete humanity when he produces, without being forced by physical need to sell himself as a commodity".

  • The MacArthur Fellows Program announced 24 new winners of their genius grant. Each one receives $500K, no strings attached. Some cool stuff there: reconfigurable robots, bacterial communication, evolution of ideas during the Renaissance.

  • British composer Mike Batt was sued for copyright infringement and plagiarism for his composition "A Minute's Silence" on the "Classical Graffiti" CD. Apparently it was thought to infringe on John Cage's equally silent composition "4'33". The case was apparently settled out of court by Batt paying an "adequate sum" for his shameless plagiarism. Batt has since been busy copyrighting chunks of silence of various lengths other than the four minutes, thirty-three seconds of silence owned by Cage. Story here. Batt sounds like a cool character. He apparently orchestrated Vannessa Mae's career amongst other things.

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    25 Sep 2002 @ 15:44 by invictus : Ah jeeze...
    Happy birthday anyway Ming. I'll do you a favor and not sing. Unless, of course, well, you know. Don't let the DMV get you down. I just stay away from them :).

    I'm actually learning a bit about Che Guevara in school now... the "Third Worldist" movement. Fascinating stuff.  

    25 Sep 2002 @ 19:43 by quidnovi : Like heck I am not going to sing!!!
    I do not have our friend Andy's delicacy in such matters, so---ready or not---here we go:

    Dee Dee dee da doe doo
    Dee Dee dee da doe doo
    Dee Dee doe doo da dee da
    Dee Dee dee da doe doo

    And many more...

    Just consider yourself lucky this is not a sound file ;-)


    25 Sep 2002 @ 22:21 by ming : Song
    If it were in braille it would've hurt my fingers. But now it just looks like music to my eyes. Have some more cake everybody.  

    28 Sep 2002 @ 01:06 by alchemist : Silences
    The story about the competing silences is the funniest thing I've heard in a while. More weirdness, please.  

    28 Sep 2002 @ 13:47 by ming : Weirdness
    is a good thing, indeed.  

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