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Saturday, September 28, 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Saturday, September 28, 20022002-09-28 16:56
pictureby Flemming Funch

In the community areas of NCN rumors frequently go around that so-and-so is maybe a fake virtual person, and maybe just an alias of somebody else. And apparently some people think that I too have multiple personalities. I have a hard time thinking of any situation where I would actually want that, online or off. I have a hard enough time keeping track of who I am when I'm just trying to be myself. But it also gives me the unique dillemma that I can fairly easily shed light on any such suspicion of others by analyzing the server logs, but since I'm currently the only webmaster and server administrator for the site, you can't necessarily trust my own statement about whether I really am who I say I am. An existentialistic puzzle. Maybe I'm not who I think I am. Maybe I'm Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. At any rate, the reasonable solution would be to have several webmasters and server administrators. Also to avoid that the whole thing would just disappear if I suddenly die and I don't get around to whispering the root password to somebody else before I breathe my last breath. "The password is .... gasp.. phhft!"

  • There are several movies that I really enjoy that are about how our physical reality isn't real, but just a convincing virtual simulation. The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor and Dark City are the ones that come to mind first. Great stuff. Makes people think about how they really know things. How do you know that the world really is what you think it is? What is your evidence?

  • Catherine Austin Fitts: "What's up with the black budget?". Very interesting stuff from a quite reliable source, about black projects and about the U.S. Navy trying to figure out how best to break the news about extraterrestrials to the public. One thought that I think I agree with: "The alien question is the single largest and most expensive disinformation campaign in the history of our race".

  • The Disclosure Project has gathered hundreds of videotaped testimonials about that kind of stuff from very reliable sources - the intelligence officers, military personel, pilots, etc. who were there. Stephen Greer is the coordinator of this very substantial effort.

  • Stephen Bassett is running for Congress in Maryland. The main focus of his campaign is to push for the U.S.government to bring out the truth about extraterristrial issues. See his Pravda interview. Quote from his site: "It is time for the United States of America, a nation which views itself as a leader of nations, to formally acknowledge this extraterrestrial presence. During the campaign the premise will be put forth that conditions under which the United States government can end the UFO/ET truth embargo will be ideal in the coming year"

    "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity." --Albert Einstein

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    28 Sep 2002 @ 17:47 by shawa : Thanks, Ming...
    ... I had to explore a bit, you know, following the information. So that´s how the incident started, just wanting some answers. I got my answers, and I´m grateful for the experience. I´m also glad of how we addressed the problem; there was real team spirit at work, and it was fascinating and very rewarding to feel that.  

    28 Sep 2002 @ 18:14 by ming : What part
    are you talking about? The Vaxen identity thing?  

    28 Sep 2002 @ 18:58 by vaxen : Yeah...
    again a subtle hint at 'the information.' What information shakti_ma? Subtle manipulkation is a game a few of us know very well...so, when you drop these little hints lie 'the information' I must ask myself what game are you playing?

    What and who? Or are you just trying to 'force' abreaction? BTW for someone born in Switzerland you sure sound like an American. Be that as it may...apparently something still hangs in your craw. Why not come clean 'Mother Goose' and get it all off your chest that we might all breath freely...again?

    Thankyou ming for being you. Thankyou for thinking and being and thanks for all you do. You are quite a wonderful person and I wish more people could see that. Ah well,...someday.  

    29 Sep 2002 @ 05:49 by shawa : Re/Ming :
    ... yeah, I think that too. Thanks, and everything. :-)--,--´---@
    I was not trying to manipulate anything, on the contrary; I tried to STOP manipulation, and I think I did well, even if it felt explosive in some parts.
    Vaxen - the "information" was what I said it was, in my latest to date Newslog´s entry. Nothing more. And I also said there, that the subject was clarified for me by you two.I have my answers, and am satisfied. It may not be absolutely true, but what the heck, this is the Net. As Net realities go, and as far as I know about them, I´m OK with how the situation turned out : lots of interesting reading for lots of people.
    There´s nothing else.

    I sound American because I have been around Americans a lot - and besides, I have been raised on "the american dream" (who wasn´t?). That´s why the current political state of affairs feels like such a let-down, too, Vaxen. But, hey, thanks. It´s nice to hear that I sound like an American. I´ll take that as a compliment.
    Ming, so sorry, I forgot that your Newslog is publicly viewable. Will take it into account next time.  

    29 Sep 2002 @ 13:30 by ming : ShaktiMa
    Actually the comments aren't publically viewable in my NewsLog, so it is fine if it is internal NCN stuff in your comments.

    And I think it is perfectly fine to question basic things once in a while.  

    29 Sep 2002 @ 19:35 by finny : Ming
    I have thought that you were probably a wonderful person Ming, as yet I haven't had that much to do with you. I do enjoy your sense of lightness, your obvious wisdom, and your commitment to making a difference. Good on you, mate!  

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