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Friday, October 4th, 2002

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 Friday, October 4th, 20022002-10-05 00:31
pictureby Flemming Funch

Today I've been married for 22 years. Hm, that zipped by kind of fast. She was 17, I was 20, disco was the thing.

  • Demonstrations against war this Sunday all over the U.S. Details here.

  • A U.S. No-fly blacklist intended for suspected terrorists is also snaring peace activists. Apparently nobody will reveal who's responsible for putting people on the list, or who's maintaining it.

  • The world's biggest oil bonanza in recent memory may be just around the corner, giving U.S. oil companies huge profits and American consumers cheap gasoline for decades to come. What makes that happen? The war on Iraq of course.

  • Try this principle on for size: "The purpose of an action is the result it gets". It makes particular sense for agencies that think their actions through thoroughly and who have access to plenty of information and manpower for analyzing it. The results of a war in Iraq is the deaths of a few hundred thousand people, greatly increased unrest and dissentment in the region, and a huge supply of cheap oil. Now see it with the eyes of a capitalist with only one bottom line (dollars) in mind, and you can leave out the first couple of results as irrelevant.

  • From Lisa Rein: President Bush (when asked to compare Al Queda and Saddam Hussein): "And so uh, uh, a comparison that uh, uh, is uh, well I can't make because I can't distinguish between the two, because they're both equally as bad, and equally as evil, and equally as destructive."

    To which Jon Stewart replied during his Daily Show report: "You can't? You know what? I'm gonna try. Al Queda is an ideologically-driven underground ultra-Islamic terrorist network and Saddam Hussein is the dictator of a secular middle eastern nation that seeks mild regional dominance. I did it! They said it couldn't be done!" (Enter confetti and horn blower noises.) "I did it! I've done it!"

    "If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison (while a United States Congressman)

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    5 Oct 2002 @ 07:19 by invictus : For my twisted sense of humor...
    Jon Stewart is one of the funniest people I know of. Bush gives him all kinds of A material too... at least he does something good as president. And happy anniversary Ming. Do a commemorative disco dance or something.  

    5 Oct 2002 @ 14:44 by ming : Le freak - c'est chic
    Bush provides enouch material for an army of comedians. Yeah, I think Jon Stewart is particularly clever.  

    20 Dec 2014 @ 00:35 by Rodrice @ : ssbhEXqmARxi
    Leaving aside the disgrace of how our two main pairtes connive in maintaining an unrepresentative and increasingly disengaged electoral system that mitigates against the very existance of third/smaller pairtes... The repeated mess that the Lib Dems have gotten themselves into is surely a reflection of their lack of any intellectual coherence? Even their earlier image of sandal-wearing party of protest was somehow coherent and recognisable. Hence, in the prevailing climate within the party any kind of opportunist or amoral behaviour among their MPs is permissable. I was going to sat  

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