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Monday, October 7, 2002

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 Monday, October 7, 20022002-10-08 02:57
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Yesterday there were large anti-war demonstrations in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and other places.

  • Apparently a new planet has been found in our solar system, called "Quaoar" (pronounced kwa-whar). Why the weird name? It is 800 miles across and a billion miles further out than Pluto.

  • I just realized that I've completely forgotten that word processors justify lines in both sides when they get printed out, so that everything is flush. That used to be a subject that was important in my mind, and that particular feature seemed rather magical when one moved from the world of typewriters into the world of word processors. But I realize that I've paid no attention to that for years. And webpages don't do that. The right side of the text in my webpages is all jagged. Why? That shouldn't be too hard to do for webpages too.

  • Come to think of it, a bunch of things used to fill a big portion of my mind space that today are very, very unimportant. Like, when I was a kid my grandfather had carefully explained to me the procedure to follow if you're inside a car that accidentally ends up under water. You know, you open the window slightly, let the water slowly fill up the car, and when it is beginning to be full of water, you're then able to open a door, without the water pressure forcing it in. I would think about that a LOT, imagining the whole thing in great detail, trying to be prepared so I'd know what to do. It all got reinforced by seeing street signs around town in Copenhagen that shows a car driving off into the water, to warn people about canals and stuff. So I knew it was really important. And I was, like, 5 years old, and couldn't even swim.

    "always make new mistakes" --Esther Dyson

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    9 Oct 2002 @ 01:20 by jazzolog : More on Quaoar
    and the "weird" name~~~



    9 Oct 2002 @ 01:45 by ming : Quaoar
    OK, a native american deity of some kind. Is that freeways I see there? Nah, just some alien canals.  

    9 Oct 2002 @ 02:14 by jazzolog : Those Pesky Deities
    He might still be around---closer than you think...

    Quaoar Their only god who ”came down from heaven; and, after reducing chaos to order, out the world on the back of seven giants. He then created the lower animals,” and then mankind. Los Angeles County Indians, California


    9 Oct 2002 @ 03:49 by ming : Reducing chaos to order
    Oh, that's cool. He sounds like quite a guy. Los Angeles, eh. I'll look out for him. We could sure use some more chaos into order here.  

    20 Dec 2014 @ 00:26 by Yones @ : DUEJKCKiIxXc
    Hi Mr CampbellOn most of your policies and views I could be sywead to your party. However, On the subject of climate change I get very angry that you should be so gulable to take this ludicrous myth that mankind is the main culprit and that we could do something to stop it. Don't become a king Canute II on this subject because the majority of the electorate don't buy it.  

    23 Dec 2014 @ 13:37 by Alberto @ : LpDkIyMpEx
    Anthony, Ming was in an impossible sttiauion. It'd be a miracle if he could fight ageism by himself without the support of his own party. If he had the support that he needed, he could have turned the sttiauion around. We are an ageing population, we can no longer afford to discriminate. Being an alcoholic is self-inflicted, growing older is a natural process. Nowadays, a healthy 66 years old with a sound mind is not old. It was a great opportunity that the LibDem had foolishly missed. The LibDem could have used Ming to their advantage to make a real impact to Britain. With this shameful episode, I really can't see how the party could turn things around. Empty words mean nothing. Prove me wrong in the next election, if you could.  

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