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Monday, October 21, 2002

The NewsLog of Flemming Funch
 Monday, October 21, 20022002-10-22 01:37
pictureby Flemming Funch

  • Look at the World Game Institute's What the World Wants chart. It shows the costs of globally eliminating certain major problems that are facing humanity, seen in relation to the global military spending. It suggests that one-third of the $780 billion spent every year on the military could ultimately: Eliminate Starvation and Malnourishment, Provide Health Care & AIDS Control, Provide Shelter for everyone in the world, Provide Clean Safe Water, Eliminate Illiteracy, Provide Clean Safe Energy through Efficiency and Renewables, Retire the Developing Nations' Debts, Stabilize Population, Prevent Soil Erosion, Stop Deforestation, Stop Ozone Depletion, Prevent Acid Rain, Prevent Global Warming, Remove Landmines, Provide Refugee Relief, Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, and Build Democracy. There are detailed plans and budgets as well.

  • A key breast cancer test can no longer be done in British Columbia, Canada, because a U.S. company, Myriad Genetics, holds a patent on the two genes tested. Myriad wants $3500 for each test, more than 3 times what it previously cost. Gene patents are evil.

  • My 3 year old daughter got an e-mail today from Broderbund Software advertising a program for preparing her last will and testament. The subject of the message was "Hurry Nadia! Only a FEW DAYS LEFT!" Excuse me?! I'm glad she can't read, or I would have to explain that to her. Mass marketing is stupid. Not to mention, frequently offensive, as it mostly hits the wrong people with stuff they don't want and didn't ask for.

  • Max and Alana came by today. They met each other online in NCN and really connected. She was in Minnesota, and he flew over from New Zealand to meet her, and they've found a special magic together and are very much in love and are going to get married. They've been driving around the states a bit, and will go together to New Zealand in a couple of days, to live a new life. It is always wonderful to meet people not only that I've only known virtually before, but who really have clicked with each other. And knowing that I had just a little bit to do with that. That alone makes it worth just about any amount of abuse from the few people who're angry that I didn't provide them what they were looking for.

    "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." --Douglas Adams

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    22 Oct 2002 @ 02:03 by jstarrs : Maw & Alana...
    And I say "amen to that"!!!  

    22 Oct 2002 @ 12:31 by martha : love
    See, even from abuse by some, the seeds of love can still bloom. thanks for the info ming. Love always makes me smile.  

    22 Oct 2002 @ 17:07 by invictus : Ahhh...
    Congratulations Max and Alana. Best wishes to both of you. I knew NCN was good for something [ ;) --> Ming ]. By the way, how is that site redesign coming? A web designer {link:http://www.mustardlab.com|friend} of mine mentioned that he really thought NCN could use a redesign and I remembered that you said you were doing one a while back, so I thought I'd ask. Any chance NCN is soon going to look as cool as mustardlab.com? (tee hee hee)  

    23 Oct 2002 @ 01:47 by ashanti : Awwww! :-)
    So *that's* why their newslogs have been so quiet. As some people say (I forget who) - mazeltov! As for the abuse from some people, see my entry in my log, specially for you. :-)  

    23 Oct 2002 @ 02:25 by ming : Thank you..
    very much for that, Yashmir.

    And, Invictus, the redesign is still happening. I've just been swamped the last couple of weeks and didn't work on it. But the design guy was actually just here. But like mustardlab it isn't exactly. Should certainly be more modern than what is here now.  

    23 Oct 2002 @ 06:57 by invictus : Thanks Ming...
    I'm looking forward to seeing it :). No hurry, by any means.  

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