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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

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 Wednesday, October 30, 20022002-10-30 01:53
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  • Elisabet Sahtouris presents these lessons from nature:

    1. All living systems self-organize and maintain themselves by the same biological principles

    2. Among the principles essential to the health of living systems are:
      a) empowered participation of all parts, and
      b) continual negotiation of self-interest at all levels of organization

    3. Humanity constitutes a living system within the larger living system of our Earth.

    4. Therefore essential to the health of humanity are:
      a) empowered participation of all humans, and
      b) negotiated self-interest among individual, local & global economies

  • Real Networks has released the source code for their audio and video players, and their server software will follow. May the Force be with them.

  • In an experiment today, a scientist in London and one in Boston were able to lift an object, by providing a finger each, through a system providing sophisticated tactile feedback for virtual experiences. I.e. they can feel pressure and movement and the texture of surfaces. So they can virtually shake hands. That's a bigger deal than it might sound. They've found that it requires feedback about 1000 times per second in order to be practical. And you can't do that over the normal Internet.

  • Caine Learning has an excellent wheel of Brain/Mind Learning Principles. An excellent foundation for thinking about how we learn.

    "An emerging field in cognitive science called theory theory deals with our innate propensities to act as scientists. For example, Gopnick and Melztoff (1997) argue convincingly that infants are born with the capacity to develop theories and hypotheses about how the world works. Even before they acquire language [they form] their hypotheses and make predictions. Gopnick and Melztoff give one example of very young infants watching a ball moving along a trajectory, then disappearing behind a screen. By following the infants' eye movements, the researchers note that the infants make predictions about where the ball will emerge, and seem surprised and confused when the ball emerges somewhere else. (Incidentally, this experiment contributed to evidence that many of the capacities that Piaget spoke about seem to be present at birth, or develop much earlier and in different ways from the ways in which he described)."

  • Thich Nhat Hanh (1976): "'mindfulness' refers to 'keeping one's consciousness alive to the present reality'"

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    20 Dec 2014 @ 01:12 by Miriam @ : uiIkTgBnMvolNyBis
    It's about time we had this, and, I'd like to see two issues tklecad.At the last election, we were told that Mr Blair (remember him) would stay for the full term. He didn't.We're now left with the challenge of giving Mr Brown a mandate or waiting until the end of what would have been a fixed term. I believe that he should have set an election date when he took over from Blair.However, had we had a fixed term, it would have been much more interesting. He would not have been able to mess us around.I would challenge Mr Brown to say when he *IS* going to get a mandate. He should fix a date and stick to it.  

    23 Dec 2014 @ 20:16 by Ken @ : BdvMfnzYgPwkp
    Well it comes to something when the only thing pepole can critisise your leader is for looking too old, I mean what a sad indictment of the media-led British polictical system! Ming was the best out of the three main party leaders, better than Blairclone and Flash Gordon.Remember Ming is only four years older than Debbie Harry, the most attractive and talented singer in Blondie!Ming sorted the Liberal Democrats out, got us on a winning track!Ming, you will make an excellent foriegn minister in the Liberal Democrat government that gets elected in 2009!!  

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