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Monday, November 4, 2002

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 Monday, November 4, 20022002-11-04 22:01
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  • Jon Husband at Wirearchy talks about Knowledge Management (KM):
    "There's a core issue in KM - that of the gulf separating Tacit Knowledge (TK) and Explicit Knowledge (EK), with proponents arguing that TK is only really shareable ("manageable" ??) via conversation, dialogue, communitites of practice, and so on."

    "[...] Knowledge Management will never be fully addressed by having an integrated information system that makes whatever you need accessible when you need it - context, questioning, interpretation and fit-for-purpose will always have an essential role to play, and so what better than a Knowledge Buddy - a collaborator - with whom to have an argument, or with whom you can share a major breakthrough."

    "What about looking to the dynamics of effective friendships to inform this dialogue further?"
    Hm, yeah. I happen to be looking for an integrated information system that makes knowledge a more widely sharable commodity. But, yes, there are many things we will only become aware of by having a good conversation, by having a very specific problem to solve, or by having somebody who knows us well prod us in the right way. So maybe we can't solve the problem of knowledge sharing without being very aware of what relationships people have. Maybe we need to provide better tools for dialogue at the same time as we're thinking about sharing knowledge. Maybe knowledge can't be shared at all before it is known what it will be used for. Maybe there IS no knowledge before we know who will be using it, in what context, in relation to which other people. Until then we might only have information. Then, the moment a specific person takes on a specific job, he will need to get available information quickly re-configured into knowledge that is helpful in that situation.

  • Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) is a new kind of transportation system, where passenger capsules move very fast through airless tubes. Apparently it would use less energy and space than existing approaches, and it would be cheaper. ...I guess I would be more optimistic about this if I hadn't been eagerly reading about the imminent construction of ultra-fast tube trains back when I was a kid, more than 30 years ago, and it obviously didn't happen. But maybe the circumstances are right now. See some pictures here.

  • Google decided from one day to the next to index all links pointing to my newslog here. So, I must have increased in status somehow. I'm now Flemming # 3.

    "Let he who would move the world, first move himself." --Socrates

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