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The Reichstag Fire

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 The Reichstag Fire2002-11-06 23:58
pictureby Flemming Funch

It is always a good idea to remember the past in order not to repeat it. About 70 years ago, the Nazi Party gradually came into power in Germany through a series of steps and events. One pivotal event was the 1933 fire in the Reichstag (Parliament), which gave an aggressive political party the setting it needed to make its moves, at the great expense of civil liberties. This page gives a simple rundown of the events. Or see this page which outlines the Nazi takeover in a bit more detail.

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7 Nov 2002 @ 08:20 by vaxen : Analogous to...
the WTC bombing and ultimate destruction? Being as how it was Bushs Grandfather and Great Grandfather, too, that supported, invested in and funded, the NAZI rise to power I'd say there is a bit more going on than meets the eye. But the eye is so easy to fool...  

7 Nov 2002 @ 13:21 by ming : Analogies
Yeah, I figured it didn't seem all that different from the WTC destruction and how it helps Bush and his party seize power and cancel constitutional liberties.  

7 Nov 2002 @ 13:45 by gyrfalcon : Situationist?
Problem,Reaction,Solution you know the formula, it is a form of situationism? I think!But the Nazi's couldn't have come to power if it wasn't for the first world war, the situation on all levels in Germany after the 1ST World War allowed Nazism to happen as Germany was screwed by the rest of the world financially and thus was a climate for hate. In such circumstances the appearance of an Avenging Angel( Hitler ) would obviously be met with approval though that said, Hitler and his gang were Brutal in getting power - the Reichstag fire was just one part of the plan.  

7 Nov 2002 @ 16:41 by ming : Optimism
I suppose the U.S. is in a different situation, so the population would be more reluctant to accept changes like that. Except for that the population already has accepted a whole bunch of restrictions of liberty in the last year, with minimal resistance.  

8 Nov 2002 @ 01:51 by lonehawk : Portent
The Ultimate Reality is Always Hidden, But Ever Manifest. Those who choose to identify with this society will invariably suffer the fate of this society. Those who do not .... will not. You cannot teach to those who refuse to learn.  

8 Nov 2002 @ 03:24 by gyrfalcon : The Power of TV.
As long as folks have their TV that gives them a sense that they are still living. Personally I got shut of my TV recently, but when I visit friends with TV's watching it is very much like a drug. The general feeling induced is one of euphoria and the overall sense induced that everything is happy go lucky makes one forget what is really going on.  

8 Nov 2002 @ 05:55 by spiritseek : BACK TO REALITY
I found that watching tv messes up my spiritual vibes, it may take awhile for me to come back to reality and the issues I have planned. What issues you say, well the ones I think at the time I want to awaken within me. Is this a conspiracy of tv programing, to program us to their liking, and keep us docile?  

10 Nov 2002 @ 04:25 by gyrfalcon : TV SUCKS THE MIND...
Sometimes TV is useful, but like any drug can take control of the person. Again it's down to the ability to say "no"! Sometimes I have switched the TV on at Random and there has been a program or news article that reflects my thoughts...one day I just read the word "transmogrification" turned on the TV and there was that word on TV...it was a Quiz show. ON another occasion I was reading about Sirius, turned on the TV and again on a Quiz show was a quesition "what is the dog-star?"  

28 Mar 2007 @ 00:09 by common sense @ : looking back
Lovly examples of people believing what they want. It's 5 years later now and the constitution still seems to exist.  

31 Mar 2007 @ 03:14 by ming : Constitution
It does. You've just gotten used to how it is losing its relevance. You've gotten used to it being perfectly normal and acceptable that your phone is tapped routinely without a court order, that you can be incarcerated indefinitely without a right to a laywer and a trial, or that your government tortures its prisoners. You no longer care if elections are rigged, and you don't mind if your leaders redirect billions of dollars into the pockets of friends and family, who'll profit from the needless wars they started. You've gotten used to all of these things in just a few years, and you've accepted them, mainly because "we're at war", because bad people burned the Reichstag. And you continue to accept them because you think the people who're at the losing end of them, the nebulous "enemy", are people not like you, and you'll somehow be kept out of it, and everything will stay normal.  

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