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 Daydreaming2002-11-07 23:59
pictureby Flemming Funch

I suddenly have this urge to move to Switzerland. I get very stimulated by big changes in scenery, like moving to a different continent. But my family is a lot more conservative, and with two kids almost grown it isn't easy to all agree on relocating anywhere. We all agree that it is time to move, but they're all more thinking it should be a few miles away, so the big culture shock will be that we'd have to shop in a different mall. But I'm thinking that Switzerland is nice and central to get to all sorts of places in Europe. So, how about Lausanne? Sounds both hip and idyllic. We'd have to brush up on our French, of course. I haven't been there. What I've seen of Switzerland reminds me of the Märklin model railroad catalogues I was often paging through as a kid.

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8 Nov 2002 @ 06:24 by shawa : If you move...
...to Switzerland, maybe I can be of help ? Lausanne can be very, very boring, for example, - you´ll die there, you know, especially after California! :-) When I go back to my home country, I see everything tiny (Märklin models! you're so right about that one!...) - tiny heads, tiny customs, tiny everything - oh hum... At least in Spain, I can talk with my hands!... *grin*  

8 Nov 2002 @ 15:55 by ming : Switzerland
Heheh, maybe you're right. And I'll certainly consult with you, if I will actually make a move to do such a thing. I've only been in Switzerland for a weekend. I flew into Zurich Friday, spent the day walking around there, and I drove down to Davos for a conference, and flew back to L.A. Sunday night. And I was mostly blown away about how small the country was. And that it was the perfect model railrow set, with mountains and tunnels and green fields and cows and little mills and churches and stuff.

I should probably travel around a bit with my family and look at a bunch of areas. I haven't seen terribly much of Europe, or have just driven through or something. I've stayed in Andorra a number of times, and I'd like the idea of living in some obscure country on top of the mountains, but it would be horribly boring there.  

12 Nov 2002 @ 14:37 by shawa : Not if you´re Ming...
...and have a connection to the Web! :-)  

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