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Wealth vs. Poverty

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 Wealth vs. Poverty2002-11-11 23:48
pictureby Flemming Funch

"Wealth is when small efforts produce big results.
Poverty is when big efforts produce small results."
--quoted by Robert Allen
Well, that is maybe a lot more profound than it seems. OK, its a cool thing to quote when you're selling get-rich programs. But it is a lot more, and it applies to any kind of effort, not just to money making. Some people predominantly produce a lot of hard work and effort that doesn't accomplish much. Others do some relatively simple things that make much bigger things happen. That is leverage. Doing more with less.

Is it maybe a driver for human evolution? Is it what we're here to do - to accomplish more, more and more easily? Those who get the most done with the least effort are spearheading evolution?

Maybe. But we need to sort out some kinks. The easiest way of getting the biggest result with the least effort is to steal the result of somebody else's work. It is easier to pump oil out of the ground than to figure out how to make our own energy. It is easier to steal a car than to design and build one. Is it ethical to have people work hard for you, for little money, while you go on vacation in the corporate jet? Where's the line between intelligent doing-more-with-less leverage and the buy-low-sell-high exploitation of others?

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12 Nov 2002 @ 07:06 by spiritseek : Focus...
on the bad always brings us down and quite a human trait it is. Focus, we need focus on the positives in life, easier said then done. Newspaper doesn't show much about that side of life, television nor radio either. Where are all the good writers out there, can you please write something wonderful and heart warming? Both sides of the stories is badly needed to make a decent decision in life. I admit, I'm guilty as charge, (looking for a rock to climb under) I will focus my thinking on stopping that negative tape in my head.  

12 Nov 2002 @ 12:21 by sharie : Something wonderful and heart warming...
Great comment spiritseek. Let's look at the consequences of stealing and why *creation* and *innovation* is more *wealthy*.

I've known a lot of wealthy people, and I have not known a single one who was truly happy or satisfied deep down. It was a great lesson for me to see it and feel it in their midst and to relinquish any illusions I may have had about what *wealth* is.

I knew from childhood that the true treasure is within us, not some materialistic baggage or false sense of *freedom* bought with money acquired by giving less value to others.

True wealth and freedom is empowering others to experience their inner wealth and freedom, now that is RICH!

Thanks to Ming and Marie.  

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