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A mysterious city

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 A mysterious city2002-11-14 23:59
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One of the officially oldest known cities is Çatal Hüyük in Turkey, which is partially excavated. It was apparently home to around 10,000 people 9,000 years ago. "But it doesn’t quite add up. There seem to be no signs of hierarchy; no high-status homes, public buildings or even public open spaces. The small houses were so tightly packed together that entry was through the roof! Above all, Çatal Hüyük was in the middle of a swamp and dry pasture and wheat fields must have been 12 kilometres away or more. Aubrey Manning visits the site to try to solve these mysteries."

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15 Nov 2002 @ 10:02 by spiritseek : City?
If entrance was through the roof one would assume that something was lowered into it. Maybe a holding pen for animals,artifacts,crops or for a prison.In the bible it mentions entrances through the roof.  

15 Nov 2002 @ 10:11 by spiritseek : Catal Huyuk
You have landed in a city that is built all in one place. The city is made out of mud plaster. They have no doors, but they have windows. They get to their houses by the roofs. This ancient city is Catal Huyuk.


The people of Catal Huyuk lived in houses made of mud and reeds. They lived close to one another and also lived on top of each other's houses. The way they could enter their houses was through their roofs.


The Catal Huyuk had a lot of jobs.The men had jobs like hunting, making crafts, farming and making blocks for building houses. The women made clothes and cooked.


The Catal Huyuk were very conserving on what they grew. They grew a lot of things like wheat, barley, peas, nuts, seeds and fruits. They also hunted for food like sheep and cattle. This was their complete diet.


They threw their rubbish and sanitation waste outside in ruined houses.


The Catal Huyuk were very good craftsmen. They made mirrors and also did weaving.

Research from: The First Civalization by:Giovanni Caselli  

15 Nov 2002 @ 15:14 by ming : Çatal Hüyük
Interesting. Weird with the getting in through the roof thing. But maybe, if one has no frame of reference for how houses are 'supposed' to be built, it seems reasobably do mimic how burrowing animals do it. I mean, it isn't necessarily logical to start out thinking about doors in the sides of things.  

3 Dec 2003 @ 12:19 by piglet @ : Jobs?
Good gracious, how do you know that men did crafts and farming (and building blocks???) and women cooked? There is no archeological evidence to suggest such an idea. Science fiction.  

23 Dec 2005 @ 21:35 by monae @ : catal huyuk
Catal huyuk is the oldest civilazation known so far.  

23 Nov 2009 @ 20:38 by erica @ : hi
my question is when they were hunting, making crafts, farming and making blocks for building houses, and made mirrors and also did weaving what did they trade and with who????  

1 May 2016 @ 10:53 by Adele @ : iuDhJZaqWnZ
I was seoirusly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.  

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