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 Open Space Online2002-11-15 23:59
pictureby Flemming Funch

I'm very interested in how different design patterns in online environments will inspire different kinds of outcomes. You know, if things are arranged one way it fosters creativity and brainstorming, and if they're arranged in another way it might foster convergent results and agreement. I'd like to understand that better, and I'd like to create different environments for different purposes.

I was just looking at OpenSpace Online, which is a system developed by Gabriela Ender in Germany, for coordinating an online conference based on Open Space principles. Look at the demo. Very nice system it seems, but fairly expensive for the settings I would probably think of.

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16 Nov 2002 @ 10:37 by spiritseek : Good Idea?
If we really want to solve some of the world or personal problems this would be a good idea. We could exchange ideas back and forth to come up with an idea or solution etc. Meeting times, how would these be structured to meet the needs of each member? How long would the topic be in discussion to allow others to comment on them, especially if they couldn't be online for the initial session? Who decides what gets discussed, and how long it stays on the agenda? Will there be a real person in charge of certain areas of this format? Will all be welcomed or a selected few? Thank you for posting this info. Peace,Marie  

16 Nov 2002 @ 14:59 by ming : OS Online
Well, the problem there is that the way that software is licensed it costs money. Something like $20-40 per person every time it is used. Which would not be a much of a problem if it was a commercial conference that people were paying for, or an educational conference with a budget. But in our case, the best it will probably be will be inspiration for somebody like me to write something like that which is free. Or we might find other solutions like that which are free for non-profit use.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:19 by Kassie @ : jStJBAnlbyrNGt
How the heck do you get an &quoa;tllotted time" when they don't take bookings? I keep going back to Wahaca in Covent Garden only to see the queue spilling out the door and leave for somewhere else... What's the secret Chris?Good thing they have the one in Canary Wharf, hardly ever any queues. :)  

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