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The end of e-mail

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 The end of e-mail2002-11-19 23:22
by Flemming Funch

Kevin Werbach has an article on slate.com prophesizing that spam is juat about to kill e-mail as we know it. And I agree. E-mail stopped being useful to me already a couple of years ago, because the ratio of stuff I want to stuff I don't want had become just unacceptable. And now it is much worse. I get much more spam than mail from real people, and I do get a lot of real mail.

The only viable answer is going to be that people will accept mail only from people they specifically have allowed to send them mail. You will have a 'whitelist' in the form of, for example, your address book. There might be some mechanism for strangers to validate that indeed they are real people, but gone are the days where you can just get directly through to a stranger. Next I think we'll probably need that for phones too. I also get more phone calls from pushy telemarketers than from real people.

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20 Nov 2002 @ 03:58 by istvan : Yes we are bombarded with telemarketing
For the past momths i also received mucho dozens of calls, junk paper m[l, delated many commercial emails. It can be aggravating. At times i change my email address, just to get reag of them. but by doing this i also miss tthe ones that i might get from a friend. Once i suscribed to that service where the callers number appears, before you answer the call. Than you have to check your phone book before you answer, and that can take some time, all the while you have the phone ringing. Not a good solution. What i do now is, if the caller is not a computer i strike up a conversation with a person about phylosophy or some souch nonsense, or ask them some personal questions how much money you make etc. Once in a while i actually find a person who takes the time for a wee chat.
I would disconnect my phone, but i am enslaved to it by my computer connection.  

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