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 Cr82002-11-21 21:58
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I have this domain cr8.com which I feel particularly attached to, but I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. And, if you don't get it, it is supposed to sound like "CREATE". First of all, 3 letter .com domain names are very desirable, but very hard to come by. Not everybody gets the Create thing at first glance, and some people argue that it should be cre8, but I don't think that's as cool. I have gotten quite a few inquiries from other people who thought it was cool, who wanted to acquire it from me. But I jumped through some hoops to get it myself, so I don't let go of it easily. I'm still searching for the right thing to put behind it. Something about creativity or creative endeavors, obviously. A creative portal of some kind. Or a creative company or organization. I have cr8.it and a few other variations as well. Anyway, I'm just fishing for good ideas. Btw, on the subject of useless trivia, my shortest domain is b9.bz and my longest is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.org, closely followed by idontknowwhattodowithmyself.com

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22 Nov 2002 @ 05:35 by spiritseek : Like
I like CR8 very much and think it could launch a very informative avenue. If we need a better reality to live in this would be a good place to post ideas. What we as a civilization could do to change how we live,like new ways of living.  

22 Nov 2002 @ 12:09 by sharie : a better reality to live in...
no better reason to cr8 than that.  

7 Dec 2005 @ 23:33 by Mark Hinds @ : cr8

I love cr8.com also. I am in the final stages of building a very significant website designed to do just what your vision states.....our vision is to establish an entity that allows for art to be created, distributed, and sold that breaks paradigms by allowing the artist to receive continued income from their work and to bring in creators from all over the world. We have been in desperate search of a domain and I am hopeful that you may entertain the idea of engaging in a dialogue with me in regards to selling it. I realize you have had offers and you are attached to it. I am very open in how we could make this work and think it would provide a conduit for your vision. Please, email me back to get the ideas going. I am sincere, capable, and ready. Thanks for your time. Mark  

22 Dec 2005 @ 18:22 by ming : Cr8
Hm, well, I'm still not very open to selling it, unless we were talking a huge amount of money. But I still haven't really used it for much. Your project sounds lovely, but ... Well, ok, I'll send you an e-mail. Might as well look at it. Don't expect too much, though.  

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