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File swapping will win, lawyers will lose.

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 File swapping will win, lawyers will lose.2002-11-22 17:07
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by Flemming Funch

According to The Register, a group of Microsoft researchers have concluded that peer-to-peer file swapping networks will win and DRM (Digital Rights Management) and the lawyers will lose. We knew that all along, of course, but it is refreshing if even Microsoft might understand some of that. They explore a number of different scenarios, and conclude that no matter how much copy protection is put into hardware and software, smart people will always find ways to get around it, so they can share with each other. Most important is the understanding that file swapping networks are competitors to the monopolized 'legal' high-security media companies. If P2P networks deliver a higher quality and lower cost product, that's what people will choose. Of course people don't want crippled content that's expensive and complicated to buy, and which they can't use in ways that work for them. That is worth much LESS than a high quality product that is easy to get and to use. So, vendors will need to compete on price and convenience in order to stay in the game.

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1 comment

28 Nov 2002 @ 01:08 by fleer : K, so what about
those who have been forced to pay huge fines e.g. here in Denmark. In one case a 17 year old committed suicide after being presented with at fine of 100.000 or more!

Who will payback these fines and even the loss of an innocent life?

All because of control and the fight for status que.

Did you know that copyright was non existent in China until they joined WTO? 1 billion people without the knowledge of copyright surging into online activity. That´ll be fun. Even with the control efforts by the Chinese regime that gotta have some impact.  

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