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 Wrong Number2002-11-28 14:07
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My phone rings at 3AM. "Er det flyttemanden? Det er Torben ovre fra Gammel Holte GÃ¥rd..." I was confused for a moment, and thought it was some Danish friend of mine making fun. Until I finally remembered that I have a phone number in Denmark, and I had it forwarded to the phone on my desk in Los Angeles. It was the first wrong number. It was a guy trying to call a moving company to move some stuff. But it sounded like he was right there, and it connected me right away with a bunch of things, like the Danish joviality. And he happened to call from a place very close to where I lived when I grew up. For that matter, a place I was looking at every day while waiting for the bus to school. It is a stately manor which today is a museum, and which I paid absolutely no attention to while waiting for the bus. Just made the world a good deal smaller suddenly.

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