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Dreamers and Stalkers

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 Dreamers and Stalkers2002-12-01 17:16
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In Carlos Castaneda's stories about his apprenticeship into the world of sorcery, he describes that there are two main kinds of sorcerers: 'Dreamers' and 'Stalkers'.

A Stalker would be somebody who is a master at putting on or stepping into an existing reality. The term comes from a skill very useful in hunting of animals. The hunter would learn all the animal's ways, how it acts, how it thinks, when it does what, so that he would then be able to expect its moves. That would be equally useful to avoid dangerous animals. So, the stalker sorceror would be somebody who can step into different roles very easily, by being very attentive to detail, and able to morph himself into the required pattern, like a masterful actor.

A Dreamer is somebody who can dream new realities so well that one can step into them. A designer of virtual realities, so to speak. That might start with the ability to be conscious and in control while one is asleep, dreaming. Lucid dreaming, astral traveling. So, instead of just being asleep and maybe remembering a dream when waking up, the dreamer remains in control of his faculties and can travel around in the dream and rearrange things. The dreaming ability translates into a fluid ability to create new things, and to go places where nobody has gone before.

One reason I'm mentioning this here, is that there are many fields that need skills like these. The masterful ability to take in how something or someone works, so you can be in perfect rapport. The masterful ability to create something totally new, so well that you or somebody else can step directly into the experience, and proceed as if it is real.

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