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 Material for my weblog2002-12-01 18:51
by Flemming Funch

I was just about to 'complain' that there are too many things out there to write about, when I notice today that several of my sources are lamenting that it is a slow day with nothing to write about.

See, I started only recently to monitor a bunch of RSS feeds from the weblogs of other people I feel some connection with. For those who don't know, RSS is a standard protocol for gathering and aggregating regular feeds of posted items from various news sources. I use Radio Userland as the program to pick up those feeds, but I will, when I have a chance, build that feature into my own NewsLog program.

But I notice that there's a risk in just being reactive to what other people are saying or doing, and trying to keep up with it all. That's not what I have in mind. I'd like to be in touch with what is going on for others, but I'd like to not be stressed out if that happens to be a lot, and I'd like not to be bored if that happens to be only a little. I'd rather start right where I am, writing about what is on my mind, or on my desk, or in my life. And then, if I have extra steam, or I need inspiration, I might go out and look for what other people are getting themselves into. In other words, I want it to be driven by ME. I don't want to be a slave to RSS feeds any more than I want to be a slave to keeping up with my e-mail, or with the news in the newspaper. I just needed to state that.

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2 Dec 2002 @ 06:36 by paquetse : Wise as always
It took me lot longer than you to realize that the aggregator was threatening to take over. I found it easier to just let go of it when I realized that nothing in my aggregator was a personal request for action to me (which is not the case of email).

I think the best blogging is active and not reactive. You tell your story; let others tell theirs. But I'm still too often reactive, I think.

Flemming, you really ought to register at Ryze.org. Andrius Kulikauskas, Nancy White are there, and surely a few others. Good social networking with minimal investment.  

2 Dec 2002 @ 14:54 by ming : Aggregator
That's a good point. Most of the e-mails I get are directed at me and are waiting for an answer. But weblog postings, by their very nature, are not. And that's exactly what I like.  

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