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 Big Government2002-12-02 17:22
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by Flemming Funch

Doc Searls quotes Britt Blaser, who in Is our Sense Becoming More Common? says good stuff like:
"It's not Republicans vs. Democrats or conservatives vs. liberals, it's us vs. THEM. People vs. big organizations using people's money against people's interests. If you're against big government - as you should be - then also oppose companies big enough to influence governments.

The current administration is oppressing all citizens with its own version of big government - in the most virulent form we've ever seen - bureaucracies that Republicans won't try to dismantle. Without the Republicans' traditionally trustworthy counterbalance against big gummint, we may be facing the darkest time in our history.

As Charley Reese pointed out, FDR, the legendary big-government guy, had about 15 people on staff while fighting his world war. George W's got 3,000 bureaucrats directing the biggest military of all time and he still can't find a 6' 4" Arab on dialysis. Isn't this a good time for less government, fewer intrusions and more candor?"
It certainly is. And I'd also like to add that it is very peculiar that the U.S. political parties usually end up doing the exact opposite of what they supposedly stand for. The Republicans supposedly stand for less government and taxes. Ronald Reagan skyrocketed the U.S. national debt and the tax burden more than any U.S. president before him. And George W. here has created more debt and bureacracy than anybody. And a democrat like Clinton actually balanced the budget and lowered the taxes.

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1 comment

1 May 2016 @ 22:50 by Sticky @ : VElXxyyCFJ
service cuts would only netassitece more service cuts if they were stupid enough to cut routes that were actually making money. Do any of those exist and would metro chose to cut those?  

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