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 Amsterdam Realtime2002-12-03 19:57
picture by Flemming Funch

In an experiment in Amsterdam lots of the city's inhabitants were equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) devices for two months, in order to make a realtime map of the city. The map is created exclusively from the accummulated movements of individuals. And, of course, people who ride bicycles create different maps from people in cars or subways.

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3 Dec 2002 @ 20:55 by bushman : Just think
What would it look like when everyone has a chip?, You could see crowds gathering, for a riot, and could have a color code for certine indeviduals you might want to follow. I bet those red spots would work great for seeing a trafic jamb in LA, Hmm, mater of fact, these pics of gps tracking/maping is just like how they show you in the game, sim city 3000, of heavy trafic areas.  

3 Dec 2002 @ 23:49 by ming : GPS tracking
It would be cool for many things. Like, I'd like to see where people I know go. And I'd like to see where people of different demographics or with different interests go. But of course it can be misused in just as many ways by governments.  

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