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 New Political Compass2002-12-05 23:59
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Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson were also giving separate speeches here at the Prophet's Conference. They're the authors of Cultural Creatives, and Paul invented the term based on his marketing research. Lately Paul has been talking and writing about a "new political compass", which comes out of a lot more surveys of many Americans. When I first read about it, I thought it was sort of boring, as it mainly is a conclusion that the left/right political spectrum doesn't cut it. But now I got the point much better. Most importantly, the study pinpoints specific characteristics of a group of people, which Paul puts as North on his political compass. He calls them New Progressives, says they're neither left nor right, but they're against big business and globalization, they're for the environment, for personal development. More willing to volunteer and take action than any other group, but nobody is noticing the group or speaking to them. In terms of politics and big media, that is. And the point is that if this group would recognize itself, it could be the most powerful force in U.S. politics. Or, rather, the breakthrough is not just that it might be a good thing, but Paul Ray shows that it IS the biggest force in U.S. politics, and it just doesn't know it yet. 45% of the people who vote.

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6 Dec 2002 @ 14:49 by istvan : Some time ago ..
i posted in my newslog "Whwre the real juice is". At the time i was not shure about what i really meant. I posted it, because it was more of a feeling rather than a conviction. As iread the above post in which all the research the good doctors conducted , coming to the same conclusions. They should have just asked me about the juice (joke) and save a lot of time.
I feel the yugsters are boiling with an inner fire that will burn the old detritus to ashes and then maybe the mythologica phoenix will rise sporting a new glorious set of feathers, the New Civilisation, not one but civilisations.
Love comes, not as a goal, but more like a ghost in the night,from this darkness we consensually agreed to live in, that we call sicial conditions.
Love needs an opening to enter ones being, the ones who invite and allow themselves to be this state of being i call lovingness will have no problems which philosophy to follow for that state-of -being knows no other than itself and knowing itself becomes balanced. After thai the changes needed can occur like a fast summer rain, that can open the seeds without efforts of the mind.  

20 Dec 2014 @ 02:20 by Harrison @ : GknpiWxXloIx
Confidence is doing what is right for you no maettr how tough it gets, no maettr how harshly other people criticize and sabotage you.I guarantee that many of the people who will say it can't be done or held you back will want a slice of the pie.They didn't earn it, and choose to let their own egos get in the way of understanding and compassion.Support the people who were there for you. Ignore the rest.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 19:40 by Manuela @ : HlOJGZeFLOjHGWigi
Great list.. However you missed one imtnrpaot fundamental of confidence. That's to be believe in yourself, even of everybody else doubts you Thanks for the read, your blog has been an inspiration for me..  

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