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Whose card is it, anyway?

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 Whose card is it, anyway?2002-12-05 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Just before I needed to leave for Palm Springs, as I was trying to pay my rent, and being surprised that my account seemed to be empty, I realized that somebody had cleared it out through fraudulent credit card charges. About $1500 yesterday, which happened to be what I needed for my rent. Apparently somebody had appropriated the information for my wife's bank card. And now that we're examining the statements closely, it turns out that they have been stealing little amounts over the past couple of months, to buy access to an assortment of porn sites. But then in the past two days they decided to order a $999 copy of Microsoft Visual Studio, some other software I haven't identified, and some domain names. Rather bizarre, as that Microsoft program was ordered in my wife's name to be delivered to our address. And somebody has gone to the trouble of setting up fake e-mail accounts in a number of different places, in order to confirm these purchases, using parts of our names, the latest being funch@usa.net. Oh, the bank cancelled all the charges right away, but this is still a big pain. And an invasion of your privacy is a rather unnerving thing.

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6 Dec 2002 @ 13:30 by sharie : chin up
I don't think life will become any less corrupt over the next few years. Can you arrange to have money in the credit/debit account only when a transaction will actually be going through? Keep the money in your savings account until needed.

I don't think accounts are safe, neither is personal info.

Are you still thinking of moving to Europe?  

7 Dec 2002 @ 02:04 by ming : Europe
I'm seriously considering moving back to Europe again, yes. Southern Europe would be most interesting right now to me, like France or Switzerland.  

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