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Creative Commons launches

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 Creative Commons launches2002-12-17 16:57
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The Creative Commons is now officially open, since yesterday. It is an organized effort of helping people to choose and express the proper license for their creative works. Specifically, the intention is to help people selectively share their materials, while still maintaining ownership. E.g. you might allow free distribution for non-commercial use. The site will help you easily choose what license is best for you. Personally I prefer Public Domain, which is not really a license, as there is no restrictions. But the Creative Commons categories are great for anything that lies somewhere between All Rights Reserved (don't ever touch my stuff) and Public Domain (do whatever you feel like). There's a great Flash presentation about it here.

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1 comment

19 Dec 2014 @ 19:04 by Ferhat @ : GAukFuMXCGCHpcdMI
There's a terrific amount of knogeldwe in this article!  

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