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 Weblogs as Meta-Search Engines2002-12-18 16:04
by Flemming Funch

Philippe Beaudoin has some good thoughts about weblogs as meta search engines. Rather than just directly looking for information within all the information in the world, a weblog makes certain indirect factors much more important, and it makes it more potentially useful to go off on a tangent. If you find a story that you think is important and useful on somebody's weblog, chances are that you would like other things in the same weblog, even if they are on totally different topics, and chances are good that you will like the stuff on other weblogs that this person is recommending. Automated tools might take that into consideration. For example, an approach similar to Google's PageRank might allow you to assign a value to a certain weblog, and automatically it will rub off on weblogs that are related to that one. That will enable you to better navigate a network of weblogs that is likely to give you stuff you want. And it opens the door to more productive randomness. That is something I like pursuing as well - intelligent randomness, increasing the occurrence of synchronicity. It is often stimulating to be thrown off a bit in a direction different from what you would expect, but only if some pre-selection has taken place. Most of the 100,000 weblogs are quite uninteresting to me, but I'd like to be exposed to unexpected stuff at the edge of what I'm aware of. A friend of a friend whom I don't know yet.

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19 Dec 2002 @ 00:08 by strydg : "...intelligent randomness, increasing..
this sounds like gambling or, more accurately, gaming

the environment of a technology is invisible and it's already there - here. it's invisible because we have allowed our self to be distracted by content. the worst part is that the environment conditions our perceptions and responses which, most of the time, reinforce and justify the technology. a vicious circle. this seems to be the case when intellect is merely an extension of the survival program.  

19 Dec 2002 @ 00:23 by ming : Technological Environment
Well, one approach would be to increase the awareness of how we form reality, particularly the circumstances we've previously been unconscious about - that we would accept without questioning. Another approach is to make the invisible technological patterns generative and freeing, as opposed to stopping and trapping.  

20 Dec 2002 @ 00:04 by strydg : tech environ
how do we "increase awareness... circumstances... previously unconscious about..."? when everytime we try to make it better we only make it worse. i agree this is the problem but the intellect is a player in this vicious circle and can't be trusted to provide solutions. all assumptions should be questioned, i believe.  

20 Dec 2002 @ 01:03 by ming : Assumptions
I very much agree. And, yeah, we certainly can't do it just with intellect. Intellectual thinking tends to go in circles. It is hard to give a recipe for waking up, other than to notice one is asleep.  

6 Jan 2003 @ 11:54 by strydg : ooohhhhh
in reviewing this I think I understand what you meant. I wandered through a bookstore yesterday. I didn't need a book, I wasn't looking for a specific book, but sometimes this wandering leads me to a book that is very interesting. And it happened. ironically, it was a new release about blogging by Rebecca Blood (I think is the name, although "Reblogga" or "Bloog" would be more fun). still, if the weblog phenomenon becomes what some think it will our perceptions will change. anticipating these changes serves the waking-up process. participating in them does not necessarily serve the process, and if it doesn't it promotes our somnambulism. James Joyce wrote "... impovernment of the booble, by the bauble, for the bubble..." the word itself might be instructive. It (blog) is from a word (weblog) that is a new thing represented by putting together two words previously unrelated (web and log). but something happened: the whole word formed by myscegeny was shortened by separating the letters at a space that destroys the integrity of the two forming and the one formed words. we have blog. say it out loud. it's not very pretty. it's like a cross between blob and bog - a blob from the bog. but soon this crudeness(?) will be artform. 20 years ago "rap" was used perjoratively to refer to talking incessantly without saying anything. It still means the same thing but now it's an art form. I'm not saying it's good or bad - I have personal tastes but this is just what happens. (I feel like I'm blogging and rapping at the same time.) This critical look - criticism - doesn't mean I don't like it. All of these discussions are very good. this opportunity for dialog between people is needed.  

6 Jan 2003 @ 12:23 by ming : Blap
Hey, maybe blogging and rapping at the same time becomes blapping. Yeah, it is good to examine these phenomena.  

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